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It’s true folks. This season’s Bachelor Jason Mesnick is not looking for a buddy… he is looking for passion! Wait, where have I heard that before… could it be here?

the_threeThis week the Bachelor whisked the 3 remaining ladies off to New Zealand for their big overnight dates in the “Fantasy Suites.” They all (Jillian, Melissa and Molly) look pretty happy there… but one of them would soon be leaving “broken-hearted” in a limo.

jillianThe dates all seemed pretty status quo–except for Jason’s commentary regarding Jillian’s belief that the most important part of a relationship is for the couple to be “best friends.” One could easily tell that this was way far apart from Jason’s primary agenda. Although, their hot tub scene seemed pretty passionate to onlookers.

Alas, Jillian grabbing Jason’s butt in the hot tub was for naught! Jason sent her packing. Remember Jillian? She was the one who could tell volumes about a man by what they put on their hot dog. Hmm… guess she won’t get anymore inside scoop on Jason’s hot dog!

Update: (2/19) Jillian was on Ellen yesterday and Ellen made the same comments regarding the “passion” piece as I did. If what went on in the hot tub wasn’t passion… what IS? 🙂

I am a little surprised that Jason kept Molly and Melissa over Jillian. Molly seems a little too emotionally cut-off for what Jason has voiced as his expectations. And when it comes to Melissa, the issue of not having been able to meet her parents kept coming up. No one knows.jason

Remember to vote here for who you think Jason is going to choose. Any closer to narrowing it down yet?

Also don’t forget to factor in DeAnna–who should finally make her appearance next time. Nothing like the producers of the show waiting until the last minute! What are the chances that DeAnna just happens to be in New Zealand? I’m still thinking it is more of a publicity stunt or a “beware of TV engagements” warning than her asking for another chance with Jason. I could be wrong… I have been before! 😉

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