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Don’t they always? What do they want to know now? Who are they anyway?ed_tricked

Anyone who followed the most recent season of The Bachelorette probably remembers Jillian’s proclamation right before Ed came out to the proposal podium (after turning down 2 proposals–1 from Kiptyn, and 1 from Reid).

  1. Are Ed & Jillian still together?
  2. Are they staying together for the sake of money?
  3. Did Ed really cheat on Jillian with those two women?
  4. Does anyone care what Wes has to say about Jillian & Ed?
  5. Did you know Reid also has an opinion about Ed & Jillian?
  6. Did you make it through the entire 5 mins. & 14 secs. of the YouTube tribute to Ed & Jillian falling in love?
  7. Did Ed ever pass Jillian’s hot dog test?

jillian_ellenWho knows! I know that when I saw the 9/10/09 Ellen episode with Ed and Jillian as guests all I heard was a cleverly crafted verbal hot potato game on Ed’s part. Ellen would ask a question of the couple, and Ed would juggle it around like a hot potato. Jillian hardly spoke. Answers from Ed like “Jillian knew when I came on the show I was a bachelor in every sense of the word.” And “we’ve had our ups and downs, and I have told her what I need to tell her.” Interpretation: “I was still screwing around with those other 2 women up until Jillian actually picked me and I had to settle down. I told her all about it—once the tabloids got a hold of my deceptions.”

Time will tell… jill_ed_dump


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ed_better_notEd better not f’ing disappoint me!”

Even though it may have seemed a little off-sides when Jillian said that in the recent Bachelorette finale (after sending two other cute, eligible men packing who were willing to propose to her) –unfortunately what she said seems strangely appropriate now.


Well, evidently stories are surfacing about two women who state that they were dating Ed during the show and/or even after the final proposal. These two other women have reportedly provided jillian_disappointedtext, email, and photo “proof” (including a detailed time-line and video at this link) of their “amazing connections” with Ed.

So far, the happy couple Jillian and Ed are equally sure about their reports that they are still a happy couple and going ahead with their marriage in about a year. Jillian reported that the story about the other two women is “nonsense.”

If these allegations turn out to be in any way true, this could trump the Jason and Melissa (Molly) debacle.

I am pretty much a romantic at heart, and still hope that Jillian and Ed could truly be wilted roseengaged in a happy relationship. (Trista and Ryan sure needed a break as ABC’s poster couple). Here’s hoping that Jillian’s final rose will not already be wilted on the vine!

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finalroseLast night fans of The Bachelorette finally saw “after the final rose.” In previous seasons it was with dramatic anticipation that fans tuned in to see what may have happened to the “happy couple” once they hit the semi-real world after the final camera. Or, at least for the first clandestine 6-8 weeks during which ABC airs the newest season of the show.

Anyone who has followed The Bachelor/Bachelorette remembers how badly the last A.T.F.R. went with Jason Mesnick breaking up with his fiance Melissa on “live” TV. In fact, humor was circulating aboot the Twittersphere wondering if Jillian was going to “pull a Mesnick.” HA! In fact, the show started with a replay of Jason dumping Melissa on air and a gratuitous update about happily engaged she is to her fiance Ty.

atfrBack to the couple at hand. Contrary to previous A.T.F.R. couples, Jillian still seemed devoted to her decision to pick Ed, and Ed still seemed just as giddy to be the last man standing. Can it be true? Can this be the first happy couple since Trista & Ryan? (And thank goodness they did not parade those two on this show!). Even Deanna & Jesse had some strained body language at their A.T.F.R. But, Jillian and Ed appear naturally and equally happy.on_gma

Jillian and Ed finished taping this season of The Bachelorette in May and have evidently been seeing a lot of each other over the summer. They looked just as happy this morning on GMA (Ed often seemed to be looking a the monitor more than the host).

jill_ed_copperLater, on Regis & Kelly (with Anderson Cooper co-hosting) as they did during their proposal finale. Anderson Cooper asks Jillian how many guys she slept with– artfully dodged of course. Then they play a cute “newlywed type” game on the show. Finally a reference is made to the “hot dog test.” Evidently, Ed is a mustard guy. Let’s see what that means:


Could Jillian and Ed be the new poster couple for the Bachelorette/Bachelor franchise? They look pretty happy. They said last night on A.T.F.R. they would getting married within about a year, and this morning on GMA they said 12-18 months. I am betting ABC wants to broadcast that one! They need a fresh couple to exploit! LOL.

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wes_DBOr… the alternate title could be: “Something stinks in Spain” (where Jillian took several fellas in pursuit of a rose from her). Either way, I am thrilled to report Bachelorette fans that Jillian FINALLY sent Wes packin’ last night!

If you don’t follow The Bachelorette, this pic. at left will pretty much describe for everyone who Wes was. He was a snake who was captured many times on the show telling the guys he was not there for Jillian, but for “publicity” for his no-talent-run-of-the-mill voice. Thankfully, the producers only ever let him get one line of a song out of his mouth before they covered over the top of it with Jillian speaking. Then in most recent episodes the rumors that Wes “had a girlfriend” became too prevalent to ignore. Last week Jake (who hadn’t received a rose the week before) returned to tell Jillian and confront Wes. If you click here you can read a recap of the Spain dates.

Here’s a choice quote on the Wes “exorcism”:

“There’s not even a need for a pre-rose ceremony chat — Jillian knows who’s getting the (cowboy) boot. And thank God, because at this point Wes has gone completely off the rails: ”If it’s me [who’s sent home],” he tells the assembled bachelors, ”know that I will be back home having lots of sex.” Don’t forget to fill your Valtrex prescription first, hayseed! (Reid and Kip, to their credit, look totally disgusted.) When it comes time for the final rose, Wes looks positively giddy — his escape route back home to Austin and Laurel is in his sights. When Kipper gets the last rose, I’m so thrilled, I don’t even care that Team Bachelorette completely duped us into thinking that one bachelor had ”trouble” in the Fantasy Suite. What does a little deception matter when the country-fried douche bag is gone?”

So who is left after the big trip to Spain for Jillian to choose from as potential fiances? You can read here for some more info. on the remaining three men.

There is Kiptyn: (What is he looking for on the side of the road there with his shirt off, belt undone and trunk open? Hmm… what do you think Steven?) 😉




and Ed (who left the show a few weeks ago for his job, but returned because he missed Jillian).


Who do you think Jillian will pick? Are any of these three remaining guys REALLY that into Jillian? What do you make of Jillian not taking advantage of the “fantasy suite” cards (except for Ed…)? And finally, do you think she will actually find lasting love with one of these men?

I must admit. I really missed Chris Harrison at the rose ceremony appearing to say “Jillian, gentlemen… it’s the final rose tonight.” 🙂

Here’s a funny spoof video on Jillian’s keen man choosing skills. 😀

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dump_dudes_1Last night’s installment of The Bachelorette was full of high drama! Or at least drama queens on testosterone! HA! The dates were the standard fare of adventures and clamoring for roses… so I will move on to the drama!

It was The Bachelorette meets A Few Good Men. At one dump_dudes_2point, someone said something like “you can’t handle the truth!” Really? What truth? Well, in the ever spinning drama of more than a dozen dudes ‘on their period’ fighting over Jillian… the newest bombshell was that allegedly at least one of the remaining men has a girlfriend back in real life. Jillian was not at all happy to hear this! She canceled the cocktail party near the end of the episode and called Chris Harrison in to “be the heavy” and see if any of the men would come clean. Of course, no one did! The popular assumption is that it is Wes who is the country singin’ cheatin’ heart on the show.

dump_davidThankfully Jillian sent both David (guy who wanted to beat up the other fella) and Juan (the guy who poured dump_juanout his shot of liquor) home this week! David was pretty pushy and foul mouthed… and then acted offended when Jillian didn’t allow him to kiss her. It’s not rocket science dude! Who knows, maybe those to fellas will hook up! 😀

jillian_pantsJillian ends the episode with an emotional proclamation, stating that “it doesn’t matter who’s wearing the pants–you can still get hurt.” This was preceded by the ubiquitous expression that “this is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.” I don’t buy that! After more than a dozen seasons of this show… we pretty much all get how “hard” it is. Plus, if you have already been on the show… you should be fully cognizant of how hard it is going to be!jillian_hotdog

No more hot dog tests have been given yet. Oh, maybe that happens on the “overnight dates.” 😉 (And the fundies are worried that it is gay individuals who are besmirching the sanctity of marriage).

Until next time…


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Ah yes, another amazing journey with this week’s Bachelorette installment. Starting with the 16 remaining dudes, Jillian embarks on some more odd dates. One fella had to slide down a wire off one of the tallest buildings in LA.

jillian_dudesThen there was a group date with nearly a dozen of the guys. What did all these men do with Jillian? Well, they went to an old west movie set and “acted” out a cheesy script. Who in their right mind thought that up? It was more like a “goat rodeo”!

Our favorite foot fetish guy, Tyler P., was bummed that he jillian_dudes_2had to be dressed up like “Fred Flintstone” (seen here looking at Jillian kissing that guy) during the western movie set date. But I think Jillian made it up to Tyler P. later during the cocktail party by allowing him extended time to fondle and fawn over her feet. (BTW, It was really jillian_dudes_3creepy the way he was describing eating her feet… but hey, he is memorable!).

The most annoying part of this season thus far is the David and Juan feud. Last night David looked about ready to pop a vein in his neck over anything Juan says, does… drinks, doesn’t drink. I was so hoping Jillian would not give David a rose last night–but then the drama would be over… and we jillian_dudes_4can’t have that now can we?

PS- I like this guy here with his hand on his chin… Jillian said he was her best kiss yet… ——————————>

There was a weird turn of events with Jillian’s date with Sasha. They actually got to drive around town in a Ferrari, and seemed to be having good conversation–good chemistry. Then all of a sudden Sasha said that he had never had his heart broken, and some conversation about a unicorn ensued. Well, then Sasha asks if he is going to get a rose. Jillian got up, grabbed the rose and then proceeded to tell Sasha he wasn’t getting it. Then for the first time in Bachelor/Bachelorette history… she sends him packing on a public bus. What? Was this just to really let him know that he was dumped ghetto style? Everyone else has always left in a limo. Well, from Ferrari to public transit in one night… not a banner experience I imagine. Makes me think of this songjillian_dudes_5

So, back to David and Juan (pictured at right). WTF? Chill out David!

Oh, and as an aside, I am not even going to give much time to Wes, the mediocre country singer wannabe who keeps trying to peddle his song he “wrote for Jillian.”

Until next week… may the bloom remain on your rose and may the rose be thornless.


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