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Don’t they always? What do they want to know now? Who are they anyway?ed_tricked

Anyone who followed the most recent season of The Bachelorette probably remembers Jillian’s proclamation right before Ed came out to the proposal podium (after turning down 2 proposals–1 from Kiptyn, and 1 from Reid).

  1. Are Ed & Jillian still together?
  2. Are they staying together for the sake of money?
  3. Did Ed really cheat on Jillian with those two women?
  4. Does anyone care what Wes has to say about Jillian & Ed?
  5. Did you know Reid also has an opinion about Ed & Jillian?
  6. Did you make it through the entire 5 mins. & 14 secs. of the YouTube tribute to Ed & Jillian falling in love?
  7. Did Ed ever pass Jillian’s hot dog test?

jillian_ellenWho knows! I know that when I saw the 9/10/09 Ellen episode with Ed and Jillian as guests all I heard was a cleverly crafted verbal hot potato game on Ed’s part. Ellen would ask a question of the couple, and Ed would juggle it around like a hot potato. Jillian hardly spoke. Answers from Ed like “Jillian knew when I came on the show I was a bachelor in every sense of the word.” And “we’ve had our ups and downs, and I have told her what I need to tell her.” Interpretation: “I was still screwing around with those other 2 women up until Jillian actually picked me and I had to settle down. I told her all about it—once the tabloids got a hold of my deceptions.”

Time will tell… jill_ed_dump


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ed_better_notEd better not f’ing disappoint me!”

Even though it may have seemed a little off-sides when Jillian said that in the recent Bachelorette finale (after sending two other cute, eligible men packing who were willing to propose to her) –unfortunately what she said seems strangely appropriate now.


Well, evidently stories are surfacing about two women who state that they were dating Ed during the show and/or even after the final proposal. These two other women have reportedly provided jillian_disappointedtext, email, and photo “proof” (including a detailed time-line and video at this link) of their “amazing connections” with Ed.

So far, the happy couple Jillian and Ed are equally sure about their reports that they are still a happy couple and going ahead with their marriage in about a year. Jillian reported that the story about the other two women is “nonsense.”

If these allegations turn out to be in any way true, this could trump the Jason and Melissa (Molly) debacle.

I am pretty much a romantic at heart, and still hope that Jillian and Ed could truly be wilted roseengaged in a happy relationship. (Trista and Ryan sure needed a break as ABC’s poster couple). Here’s hoping that Jillian’s final rose will not already be wilted on the vine!

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dontjumpThat’s what it came down to for The Bachelorette finale last night. Jillian thought she had to choose between Kiptyn and Ed, but in an unusual move—Reid came back right in the middle of the “proposal rose ceremony.”

Jillian had already sent (a sweetly shell-shocked) Kiptyn kyp_jillhome before he could propose. I was really starting to root for Kiptyn! Not only is he cute, but he seemed so sweet and adventurous. He gave to charity, was not “married to his job.” What more could Jillian want? But, I know… the show edits things to paint the picture they want their audience to see. Who knows what the dynamic between Jillian and any of those three final men really was.

Then after Kiptyn leaves in his limo, Reid shows back up in reid_jillan outfit that wouldn’t be fit for a homeless person on an intersection median. He arrives in a mini-van, un-tucked shirt, white shoes. Are we supposed to buy that this polished Philly Realtor could only swing  a “Goodwill” store outfit and a mini-van shuttle to propose marriage to the woman he decided he loved–once she let him go?

Well, Jillian seemed just as incredulous with Reid’s timing.toldya

She took a time out to think through her choices. Chris Harrison appears to help re-focus her resolve for her choice of a suitor. Then she sends Reid back to his mini-van, cries a little–and heads back to her proposal perch.

dont_f_itupRight before the pre-Ed commercial break, with her hands on her hips, Jillian quips “Ed better not f’ing disappoint me!” Tell me aboot it!

I tweeted with #bachelorette fans last night, and we all had a hay-day with all the many euphemisms that Ed and Jillian used to discuss the previous episode’s E.D. incident. Jillian and Ed had one more bed-top date, and a cut away to ABCs graphics of a volcano erupting. OK. We get it.

Jillian looked pretty happy when she finally welcomed Ed jill_N_edtoward the rose island. Ed professed his love for Jillian, but before he got on one knee to propose–he said he needed to know if Jillian loved him too. Smart. Considering the past history of couples who go through these proposals on the show. I mean, Jason and Melissa looked so ecstatic at their proposal–and by the time “after the final rose” aired Jason had “fallen out of love” with Melissa and wanted one of the other finalists (Molly).

Speaking of which, tonight on ABC will be the A.T.F.R. special for Jillian and Ed. I wonder what surprising (or not so surprising) revelations viewers will discover. Then Jillian is scheduled to be on GMA on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds… for those who follow The Bachelorette anyway.

wheresthedogJust one more thing. Was anyone else curious about the total absence of Jillian’s “hot dog test” throughout this season? She could have had a field day testing all 30 of the potential bachelors. Oh well!

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It’s that time again! Near the end of another “season” of The Bachelorette–which meanjills_dudess last night was “The Men Tell All.” I don’t know if anything the men had to tell last night was worth hearing, but I tell ya one thing… those boys were PMSing about “the man code” so much I strongly recommend a bottle of Midol for just about each and every one of them!

wes_doucheI expected Wes to be absent. You remember Wes, right? The guy at the left there. Yeh, we are continuing the “feminine” theme here! 😉reid_this_much

Oddly enough though, Reid was absent as well. The only explanation was “he had plans.” Who doesn’t?

I think the show is trying to suck us all in again… like the previous “Jason” season. (Remember, they played up Deanna returning only to have it be of very little significance). You remember Reid don’t you?  He was the bachelor on the IEP plan for dating! 😀

Anyway, there was not much to take away from this which_dudeepisode. We all know it is stretching material until the finally next week.

Who will Jillian pick? Ed? Kiptyn? Or will the return of (and absence of him at T.M.T.A.) Reid mean anything?

We’ll find out some of those answers next week. And guess what? Chris Harrison believes that this will be “the MOST dramatic finale ever!” 😉

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OY! I am still following The Bachelorette. And if you saw last night’s episode you had a front row seat to one man’s E.D. — yes, poor Ed! There is so much more that happened during the two hour episode of The Bachelorette in beautiful Maui. But obviously this ed_shortsepisode will be the one that goes down in history as “the one where Ed couldn’t get it up.” Or at least that is the salacious story line that the show is encouraging us to believe (maybe those “Magnum PI” shorts were too tight!).

I can’t even imagine how an average person (who is not a porn star) could “perform” with all the lights and cameras right there in the room. I mean, usually… on those “fantasy suite dates” don’t they finally get to be alone? I feel for the guy! (Although I did engage in sharing little E.D. jokes via Twitter last night.)

Chris Harrison recapped the E.D. debacle well on his blog:

“Jillian decided to take Ed back to the fantasy suite and this is where the wheels came off of what was otherwise a perfect day. Jillian and Ed both put so much pressure on themselves and so wanted that moment to be perfect that it was a disaster.”

corny_jillianSo, what’s a girl to do when it’s rose ceremony time? (Except sitting in the sand drawing hearts…)

Jillian told Chris she was falling in love with each of the three men for different reasons.

Let’s recap:kyptin

  1. Kiptyn: his looks.
  2. Reid: his sense of humor.
  3. And Ed: for being the only one who is actually saying he loves her and would propose.

In fact, Reid was sent packing last night primarily because all reid_this_muchhe could express to Jillian (each of the three times she point blank asked him) was “I like you this much”– with arms outstretched. Really Reid?

Here are a few excellent links for a full recap of last night’s episode:

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wes_DBOr… the alternate title could be: “Something stinks in Spain” (where Jillian took several fellas in pursuit of a rose from her). Either way, I am thrilled to report Bachelorette fans that Jillian FINALLY sent Wes packin’ last night!

If you don’t follow The Bachelorette, this pic. at left will pretty much describe for everyone who Wes was. He was a snake who was captured many times on the show telling the guys he was not there for Jillian, but for “publicity” for his no-talent-run-of-the-mill voice. Thankfully, the producers only ever let him get one line of a song out of his mouth before they covered over the top of it with Jillian speaking. Then in most recent episodes the rumors that Wes “had a girlfriend” became too prevalent to ignore. Last week Jake (who hadn’t received a rose the week before) returned to tell Jillian and confront Wes. If you click here you can read a recap of the Spain dates.

Here’s a choice quote on the Wes “exorcism”:

“There’s not even a need for a pre-rose ceremony chat — Jillian knows who’s getting the (cowboy) boot. And thank God, because at this point Wes has gone completely off the rails: ”If it’s me [who’s sent home],” he tells the assembled bachelors, ”know that I will be back home having lots of sex.” Don’t forget to fill your Valtrex prescription first, hayseed! (Reid and Kip, to their credit, look totally disgusted.) When it comes time for the final rose, Wes looks positively giddy — his escape route back home to Austin and Laurel is in his sights. When Kipper gets the last rose, I’m so thrilled, I don’t even care that Team Bachelorette completely duped us into thinking that one bachelor had ”trouble” in the Fantasy Suite. What does a little deception matter when the country-fried douche bag is gone?”

So who is left after the big trip to Spain for Jillian to choose from as potential fiances? You can read here for some more info. on the remaining three men.

There is Kiptyn: (What is he looking for on the side of the road there with his shirt off, belt undone and trunk open? Hmm… what do you think Steven?) 😉




and Ed (who left the show a few weeks ago for his job, but returned because he missed Jillian).


Who do you think Jillian will pick? Are any of these three remaining guys REALLY that into Jillian? What do you make of Jillian not taking advantage of the “fantasy suite” cards (except for Ed…)? And finally, do you think she will actually find lasting love with one of these men?

I must admit. I really missed Chris Harrison at the rose ceremony appearing to say “Jillian, gentlemen… it’s the final rose tonight.” 🙂

Here’s a funny spoof video on Jillian’s keen man choosing skills. 😀

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