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sharpieJust when you thought you had thought of just about anything and everything you could use your Sharpie marker for… I found one more use today via a web ad! Oh joy!

What could this be? Well, it appears thatsay_what_teeth this person in this pic. is taking a different approach to whitening teeth… just color on your face a little with a Sharpie and then your teeth may automatically appear “whiter”! (Scary!) Missing Teeth

And in other “who cares news”: Wheel of Fortune just aired its 5,000th show! Whooptie Do Basil! Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter

I personally am not a Wheel Watcher. Probably because throughout my high school years, at dinner time, my father had Wheel on the TV near the dinner table. And we would get in trouble if our talking interrupted the beloved show. LOL! Crazy much? Crazy

Have a great weekend!

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