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It is about all I can do to type WTF were you thinking Jake?” But then again, I have said that countless times at the end of past seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Why do I keep watching? I don’t know, except it is one of my silly little guilty pleasures to heckle this show!

After last week’s show I had even posted that Jake may not choose anyone–after last week’s preview showed Jake “pulling a Mesnick” (as Chris Harrison put it). But, alas. He did choose a fiancé–and he chose Vienna.

And if you remember one of my previous recap posts from this season you know why I opened the post with “WTF Jake?”–because out of the last two women standing… he did indeed have “The Lady and the Tramp” to choose from.

We shall see if the Jake and Vienna pairing is a match that is truly on the wings of love, or if that’s just what they’re selling us! HA! There are already reports that Jake is cheating…

Speaking of selling… Jason and Molly are getting married… and guess what? The wedding will air next week 0n ABC. Chris Harrison also announced that Ali Fedotowsky was to be the next Bachelorette.

Hey, no one ever promised us a rose garden! 😉


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the_thornOK. I thought I was finished posting about this round of The Bachelor. As crazy as it sounds, there was really was an After the Final Rose Part 2 (just when you thought it was safe to return to ABC). Of course, I came this far with the “amazing journey” and just had to see what part 2 had to offer. 😉

Thankfully Melissa was not there. Enough public pain already. They did bring in a handful of this season’s cast off women to weigh in on Jason’s decision. The girls were split in their opinions of Jason’s actions. There is some news circulating around the web containing emails melissa_jasonsupposedly between Jason and Melissa after the taping of the 1st After the Final Rose. Click on this pic. for source if you want to read some and determine for yourself what you think about the content.

Many of you watched the show, so I don’t really need to re-cap the blow-by-blow. What was interesting to me was the contradictory nature of some of Jason’s comments while he and Molly were sitting together being interviewed about their relationship by Chris Harrison.

jason_mollyWhat is it that Jason finds most important in his new relationship with Molly?

Is it the chemistry (which he said went south with Melissa)?
Was it the passion?
Was it how Molly is with his son Ty?

No! It is the fact that she is his “best friend.” Hmm… does that sound familiar to anyone else? I thought so. It is because that is the very reason Jason gave for letting Jillian go. He re-stated the “best friends” factor at least 3 times when questioned by Chris Harrison. I don’t find anything surprising anymore when it comes to Jason and his ability to flip-flop his way toward “love.”

jason_jillianSpeaking of Jillian:  the best friend searching, hot dog testing, hot tub cavorting Canadian is going to be the next Bachelorette. I think most of us saw that one coming. She did tell Chris that her goal for her next shot at finding love on TV was for her father to not have to see her in a hot tub again. We will see about that! 🙂

You know, all through this season (and frankly during Jason’s last TV appearance on The Bachelorette) I have often commented to my honey how odd it seems that the show went out of its way to characterize Jason as a “single dad”–with zero mention of Ty’s mom or her possible involvement in Ty’s life. Clearly someone has to be taking care of Ty while dad is gone for weeks at a time “looking for love.” Who is Ty’s mom? Jason’s ex-wife jasons_ex_2Hilary Mesnick (now Hilary Madison Wynn?). Evidently she lives in Seattle. And as I suspected is more involved in Ty’s life than The Bachelor’s characterizations would lead the public to believe (per this snippet, click on pic. for source).

I guess one can tell if their show has hit the “big time” when conspiracy theories begin to circulate. Believe it or not (or whether you even cared to know or not) there are conspiracy theories surrounding Season 13 of The Bachelor. I’ll let you go check it out here (or here) if you are even the slightest bit interested. 😉

If you couldn’t care less? We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging. 😉

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proposesSo here is the scene:proposal

The Bachelor Jason Mesnick romantically proposes to Melissa in New Zealand saying: “I am completely in love with you… I love you, will you marry me?”

weeping_jason(Of course, only moments after weeping profusely about having to let Molly go).  dump_molly1

But I digress, after Jason’s “amazing” romantic proposal to Melissa the new couple jump into the pool fully clothed along with Jason’s son Ty–quite the happy new family scene. Hmm… not for long.

Cut to 6 weeks later and After the Final Rose Jason says to his new fiance “Um yeh, something happened with the chemistry.” And then after dumping Melissa on TV he says to Molly “I am hoping we can get some coffee or something.” WTF Jason? Really?!

Well, at least for once Chris Harrison was not exaggerating when he said it was ‘‘most dramatic season finale in Bachelor history.” Chris gives a little more on his blog: “Jason proposed to Melissa right before Thanksgiving over in New Zealand. It was an awesome day and night. They couldn’t have been happier. … They were both very much in love and the scene couldn’t have been better. It appeared to us he had found a terrific woman who would become his wife. I talked to Jason and you_bastardMelissa several times after the proposal and all was going well. After the holidays something changed…” and that is all we heard from Jason as TV land watched Jason dump Melissa in front of millions of viewers.ring_back

Melissa, of course, appears confused and crushed–whispering under her breath “you’re such a bastard.” Finally before leaving (the conspicuously audience free show set) she says to Jason “don’t call me–leave me alone.” Understood!

mistake_2Oh yeh, the whole DeAnna Pappas thing was anti-climactic as I suspected. She showed up, told Jason she made a mistake and wanted another chance with Jason. Jason said “thanks for this opportunity to tell you that I am in love with two other women.” Then DeAnna left with her parting advice to Jason “be smart.” He must have blocked that last comment.

So here is the time line. Around Thanksgiving Jason proposes to Melissa and they have 6 weeks of clandestine dates. Six weeks after the proposal was last night’s After the Final Rose show when Jason dumps Melissa and asks Molly out to coffee. Apparently another 6 weeks has transpired since THAT show last night to thering_stare present. Now, tonight After the Final Rose Part 2 will be on TV.

I wonder what we will hear tonight. Will TV viewers get any more answers? From what I saw with Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Jason last night I highly doubt we will ever get any more answers than “I just changed my mind–you can’t make me marry someone I’m not in love with.” Is THAT why he was staring at the engagement ring for 10 minutes?


Here are the final results from the poll that many of you voted on. Clearly most of the voters thought Jason was going to pick Melissa. And they were right… for like two seconds!jason_loser


Ah! “Moving on”–TV romance style!


New Poll…

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bitchespart2Ah yes! Last night was the installment of the wenches women tell all for season 13 of the Bachelor. For plain old heckle value this episode did not disappoint!

These two in this pic. were a couple of the choicest wenches women for stirring the pot.laterjill

Again, the crown favorite was Jillian. Everyone except Jason seemed to see the amazing connection the two of them had, and everyone was equally as incredulous that Jason focused on her comment about a couple needing to be bjillian_jasonest friends and not seeing the passion that was clearly evident on camera. If that is not passion, I don’t know what is! How is he going to explain to his son that what he was doing in the hot tub is something people do with their best friends?

And does anyone really believe that Jason only went to “first base” with any of the women he had overnight dates with??

shebackShe’s BAAACCCKKK! DeAnna will finally made her much publicized visit shesback_2to the Bachelor next week in New Zealand.

What in the world could she have to say? Will Jason give a crap care about what she has to say?

mistake_2What was her “mistake”? Will she explain why she is wearing that hideous outfit?

Who knows! All I have to say is: dontjump

Don’t jump Jason! They are not worth it!

Chris Harrison has us waiting for the finale with “nothing could of prepared us for what happened next.” Well… until next week!!!

Remember to vote HERE for who you think Jason will pick.

…I have a full day ahead of me so I will leave the nuts and bolts of the recap of last night’s Bachelor adventure to this blogger. Funny stuff! Definitely worth the read whether you are a Bachelor fan or not! 🙂

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It’s true folks. This season’s Bachelor Jason Mesnick is not looking for a buddy… he is looking for passion! Wait, where have I heard that before… could it be here?

the_threeThis week the Bachelor whisked the 3 remaining ladies off to New Zealand for their big overnight dates in the “Fantasy Suites.” They all (Jillian, Melissa and Molly) look pretty happy there… but one of them would soon be leaving “broken-hearted” in a limo.

jillianThe dates all seemed pretty status quo–except for Jason’s commentary regarding Jillian’s belief that the most important part of a relationship is for the couple to be “best friends.” One could easily tell that this was way far apart from Jason’s primary agenda. Although, their hot tub scene seemed pretty passionate to onlookers.

Alas, Jillian grabbing Jason’s butt in the hot tub was for naught! Jason sent her packing. Remember Jillian? She was the one who could tell volumes about a man by what they put on their hot dog. Hmm… guess she won’t get anymore inside scoop on Jason’s hot dog!

Update: (2/19) Jillian was on Ellen yesterday and Ellen made the same comments regarding the “passion” piece as I did. If what went on in the hot tub wasn’t passion… what IS? 🙂

I am a little surprised that Jason kept Molly and Melissa over Jillian. Molly seems a little too emotionally cut-off for what Jason has voiced as his expectations. And when it comes to Melissa, the issue of not having been able to meet her parents kept coming up. No one knows.jason

Remember to vote here for who you think Jason is going to choose. Any closer to narrowing it down yet?

Also don’t forget to factor in DeAnna–who should finally make her appearance next time. Nothing like the producers of the show waiting until the last minute! What are the chances that DeAnna just happens to be in New Zealand? I’m still thinking it is more of a publicity stunt or a “beware of TV engagements” warning than her asking for another chance with Jason. I could be wrong… I have been before! 😉

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What is the first sign to be able to tell which woman is NOT going to get a rose at the u_whatend of the night? THIS look on Jason’s face.

That’s right! That is the look that Jason gave Naomi’s Mom as she was telling Jason that she brought road kill for him to help ceremoniously bury. Ah! You just can’t buy family memories like that!

Thank you Jason for being so very transparent with your facial and other expressions throughout this 13th season of The Bachelor!

copingOn with the recap of the four big hometown dates! Jason was whisked off to four different locations to meet four women’s family and friends. How does Jason cope with all the craziness, sob stories about these girl’s families, jet lag and missing his son? That’s right! Adult beverages! You almost never see a scene in this show without a glass of something in their hands.

Seriously, each woman had a sad “disclaimer” story they just had to tell Jason about their familycrazy_hats before she took him to meet them. Well, except maybe for Molly. But her Mom’s little hat puppet show spoke for itself! How does Jason choose which in-laws he wants to fly over the coo-coo’s nest with on holidays?

All the hometown dates actually seemed to go pretty well. Jason seems to roll with the punches like quite the good sport for the most part. He seemed to show good chemistry with all the girls. If I had to guess which one he was going to let go last night, I might have thought it would be Melissa–because the whole deal with her family not wanting to be a part of the public meeting was weird enough. But when Jason was questioning some of Melissa’s closest friends about the family… these closest friends noted that they either had never met Melissa’s family, or that the one meeting was so naomiunmemorable that little detail could even be recalled! Send up a red flag to anyone else?

But, in the end… Jason buried Naomi’s chances of being his future wife right next to the dead bird buried in the yard on Naomi’s hometown date.

So, we have left standing at this point: Melissa, Jillian and Molly. Who do you think Jason will choose? (Vote here). There are spoilers out there on the web basing their theory of Jason’s final pick on a pinky ring. Hmm…

lonely_roseChris states “Jason believes one of you will become his wife,” but what about the DeAnna factor? After seeing the brief preview clip last night, I am starting to think it has been a big lead up into nothing. I think that the scene they keep showing with DeAnna telling Jason “I made a mistake” will be more about her advice to Jason of not rushing into a TV engagement and less about her asking him  for another chance. Chris Harrison called DeAnna’s arrival the “most shocking twist in Bachelor history” and then ominously noted “…and it changes everything” as they show Jason later collapsing in tears. We will see.

final_roseThe evening would not be complete without the weekly hackneyed phrase by Chris Harrison: “Ladies, Jason–it’s the final rose tonight.” Is that part really necessary? Is this captioning for the visually impaired? In case you wondered, Jason is thinking here “if he says that one more time I am going ‘Ogopogo’ on his ass!” 😉

PS- while Washington is wrestling with what type of economic stimulus package to give the green light to, the bachelor is taking three women to New Zealand? How omg_bachelorabout ABC kicks into the country’s piggy bank a little and just send Jason to Bakersfield or somewhere a little easier on the old wallet with the final three! 😉 Of course Chris Harrison could not call those the “dates of a lifetime.” LOL.

Until next we meet our intrepid bachelor… for more boozing, hot tubs and roses!

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I was thinking the title of my Bachelor recap this week was going to be “Five kinds of crazy,” but then last night the remaining ladies really were not behaving nearly as crazy as the previous week on Bachelor. I was so proud of Chris Harrison last night! Not once did he say “most dramatic rose ceremony EVER!” Instead he kept saying “most emotional rose ceremony yet.”

final_5We were down to Molly, Jillian, Stephanie, Naomi, and Melissa. I was actually surprised that Jason sent Stephanie home last night! Probably only because I was rooting for her a little. Because if I looked at how transparent Jason is with his chemistry with each and every woman, the passion was just not evident with Stephanie. He seemed to care for her, but I think he was still taken by the younger gals. I am not a huge Naomi fan, so I thought it would have been perfect to eliminate her. He even took Naomi aside at the last minute of the rose ceremony, but in the end Stephanie went gracefully home.

Who knows what this guy is thinking. He did tell Chris though that he has feelings for deannaall of them and there doesn’t seem to be any one or two that are ahead of the crowd yet. Interesting… this could be a perfect setup for the re-introduction of DeAnna Pappas. I still see this as unlikely because it seems too hard for Jason to swallow his pride and take DeAnna back… unless he has really been holding on to an unrequited love jesse_breakupfor her. When are they planning on bringing her back anyway, right before the final rose ceremony? Plus, considering the way DeAnna broke up with Jesse? Just seems too high of a risk.

Anyway, back to last night. Jason’s first date got interrupted because they were back in his home town of Seattle and that meant that single-dad needed to put his son Ty to bed (that he hasn’t seen in over a week). The little guy didn’t want to see daddy go, so the date was at his j_and_thouse instead.

Who knows what will happen next! The night in Seattle was fairly uneventful. I am sure the drama will ramp up a notch once Jason visits the remaining for ladies in their home towns.

Who do you think Jason ends up “engaged” to? Vote here!

P.S.- this one’s for you Steven 😉


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