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As I head off for another busy day of work, CNN awakened me with another senseless story of loss of life – the tragedy in the Lafayette movie theater. 

 Again I wonder, how can we as a society get a handle on these types of cruel and needless shootings? 

More: (http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/01/01/police-shootings-deaths-michael-brown-eric-garner-editorials-debates/21169119/)

  Aurora, Newtown, Charlotte, Tucson, Chattanooga… just to remember so very few of the many shooting tragedies.

Just last night I was wondering why the recent death of Sandra Bland and the apparent police brutality against her for a simple traffic violation was _not_ met with protests and posters demanding justice and peace (as some the most recent tragic deaths as a result of contact with police have been)?  

 Three days in jail? Suicide? Homicide? This was yet another Black American who was mistreated by police … ending in loss of life. 

Yes, Black lives matter!  

 Yes. _All_ lives matter. 

So, how do citizens choose _which_ cities will “burn” for the injustices, and which cities will rather instead simmer in quiet riot? And most of us are shaking our heads wondering… will we see the next situation boil over in America?

Further I continue to wonder… Why has their been more vitriol and outrage over the death of “Cecil the Lion” than any of the humans involved in the above tragedies? Boiling point? I’m at it.


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What another sucky day in paradise for Ali on last night’s installment of The Bachelorette. Well, her first two Tahitian dates with Roberto and Chris had such a sweet quality about them. Each of those two men seem like genuine choices. 

Then came time for the ever angst and insecure Frank to have his time. His part of the show did not begin in Tahiti with Ali though. It began with him bemoaning the fact that while he was falling in love with Ali — he felt the resurrection of feelings for his most recent ex-girlfriend (that he had broken up with). Of course this meant that he had to seek out this ex-girlfriend (with the camera crew in tow of course) and share his revelation with her. What person would just open their door to their ex and allow them to prance on inside with a camera crew? Anyway, this was a slow painful exhibition of Frank telling his ex how amazing his exotic dates had been with the amazing Ali. I was thinking “that’s not exactly how to endear yourself to your ex-girlfriend.” Eventually Frank mentioned that he still had feelings for this girl on the sofa. Then, the ex-girlfriend said she had not stopped thinking of Frank since he left and that it was “time for him to come home.” (Probably Frank got tired of living with his parents after he came back from Paris). Then Frank told his soon-to-be-once-again girlfriend that he now had to go to Tahiti and tell Ali he was leaving her for his ex-girlfriend.

Of course we have Chris Harrison playing counselor to Frank (and eventually Ali). Then it is time for Frank to drop the bomb on Ali. Just sad. Why couldn’t this guy simply have called Ali from Chicago and told her that he was staying with his girlfriend? One word. Ratings. Well, two words: drama and ratings.

I would like to think that Ali will end up choosing one of the sweet and seemingly genuine men remaining at that final rose ceremony. But, the checkout aisle tabloids have already been “spoiling” that notion for weeks. What can we expect from “reality TV” made-to-order love stories?

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Well, who’d a thunk it? Jake and Vienna broke up.

Yesterday was just another summer Tuesday… until news broke all over the interwebs reporting the “nasty” break up of the most recent Bachelor and his controversial pick for fiancée. Jake is saying only that “Sometimes love just isn’t enough in a relationship.”

Of course there are always plenty of rumors swirling about “who cheated on who,” or whether or not they ever actually kissed off camera (per Vienna’s step-mom). The reality of reality TV show love is that, in fact, many people consider the end of this “fairy tale romance” another one of those break-ups that is no surprise.

I wonder if Ali (who left Jake for her job) will have any better luck in this season’s offering of The Bachelorette.

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Welcome, today’s specials are:

  • An appetizer of being threatened with a lawsuit while the bully rubs one out at the beach house.

  • Followed by the Sociopath chef’s main dish specialty of either being “served” at work or at home (how thoughtful to have a choice!)
  • Finished off with a delightful desert of flaming menace jubilee.

No more #transphobia! No more #homophobia. No more bullying. No more fear, hate & bigotry. Get on the right side of history… the life you save just may be your teen or one of their friends. (PS- Special Pepto-Bismol mints are available in the little dish at the from door next to the toothpicks) Bon Appétit!!

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