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I was thinking the title of my Bachelor recap this week was going to be “Five kinds of crazy,” but then last night the remaining ladies really were not behaving nearly as crazy as the previous week on Bachelor. I was so proud of Chris Harrison last night! Not once did he say “most dramatic rose ceremony EVER!” Instead he kept saying “most emotional rose ceremony yet.”

final_5We were down to Molly, Jillian, Stephanie, Naomi, and Melissa. I was actually surprised that Jason sent Stephanie home last night! Probably only because I was rooting for her a little. Because if I looked at how transparent Jason is with his chemistry with each and every woman, the passion was just not evident with Stephanie. He seemed to care for her, but I think he was still taken by the younger gals. I am not a huge Naomi fan, so I thought it would have been perfect to eliminate her. He even took Naomi aside at the last minute of the rose ceremony, but in the end Stephanie went gracefully home.

Who knows what this guy is thinking. He did tell Chris though that he has feelings for deannaall of them and there doesn’t seem to be any one or two that are ahead of the crowd yet. Interesting… this could be a perfect setup for the re-introduction of DeAnna Pappas. I still see this as unlikely because it seems too hard for Jason to swallow his pride and take DeAnna back… unless he has really been holding on to an unrequited love jesse_breakupfor her. When are they planning on bringing her back anyway, right before the final rose ceremony? Plus, considering the way DeAnna broke up with Jesse? Just seems too high of a risk.

Anyway, back to last night. Jason’s first date got interrupted because they were back in his home town of Seattle and that meant that single-dad needed to put his son Ty to bed (that he hasn’t seen in over a week). The little guy didn’t want to see daddy go, so the date was at his j_and_thouse instead.

Who knows what will happen next! The night in Seattle was fairly uneventful. I am sure the drama will ramp up a notch once Jason visits the remaining for ladies in their home towns.

Who do you think Jason ends up “engaged” to? Vote here!

P.S.- this one’s for you Steven 😉


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