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What is the first sign to be able to tell which woman is NOT going to get a rose at the u_whatend of the night? THIS look on Jason’s face.

That’s right! That is the look that Jason gave Naomi’s Mom as she was telling Jason that she brought road kill for him to help ceremoniously bury. Ah! You just can’t buy family memories like that!

Thank you Jason for being so very transparent with your facial and other expressions throughout this 13th season of The Bachelor!

copingOn with the recap of the four big hometown dates! Jason was whisked off to four different locations to meet four women’s family and friends. How does Jason cope with all the craziness, sob stories about these girl’s families, jet lag and missing his son? That’s right! Adult beverages! You almost never see a scene in this show without a glass of something in their hands.

Seriously, each woman had a sad “disclaimer” story they just had to tell Jason about their familycrazy_hats before she took him to meet them. Well, except maybe for Molly. But her Mom’s little hat puppet show spoke for itself! How does Jason choose which in-laws he wants to fly over the coo-coo’s nest with on holidays?

All the hometown dates actually seemed to go pretty well. Jason seems to roll with the punches like quite the good sport for the most part. He seemed to show good chemistry with all the girls. If I had to guess which one he was going to let go last night, I might have thought it would be Melissa–because the whole deal with her family not wanting to be a part of the public meeting was weird enough. But when Jason was questioning some of Melissa’s closest friends about the family… these closest friends noted that they either had never met Melissa’s family, or that the one meeting was so naomiunmemorable that little detail could even be recalled! Send up a red flag to anyone else?

But, in the end… Jason buried Naomi’s chances of being his future wife right next to the dead bird buried in the yard on Naomi’s hometown date.

So, we have left standing at this point: Melissa, Jillian and Molly. Who do you think Jason will choose? (Vote here). There are spoilers out there on the web basing their theory of Jason’s final pick on a pinky ring. Hmm…

lonely_roseChris states “Jason believes one of you will become his wife,” but what about the DeAnna factor? After seeing the brief preview clip last night, I am starting to think it has been a big lead up into nothing. I think that the scene they keep showing with DeAnna telling Jason “I made a mistake” will be more about her advice to Jason of not rushing into a TV engagement and less about her asking him  for another chance. Chris Harrison called DeAnna’s arrival the “most shocking twist in Bachelor history” and then ominously noted “…and it changes everything” as they show Jason later collapsing in tears. We will see.

final_roseThe evening would not be complete without the weekly hackneyed phrase by Chris Harrison: “Ladies, Jason–it’s the final rose tonight.” Is that part really necessary? Is this captioning for the visually impaired? In case you wondered, Jason is thinking here “if he says that one more time I am going ‘Ogopogo’ on his ass!” 😉

PS- while Washington is wrestling with what type of economic stimulus package to give the green light to, the bachelor is taking three women to New Zealand? How omg_bachelorabout ABC kicks into the country’s piggy bank a little and just send Jason to Bakersfield or somewhere a little easier on the old wallet with the final three! 😉 Of course Chris Harrison could not call those the “dates of a lifetime.” LOL.

Until next we meet our intrepid bachelor… for more boozing, hot tubs and roses!

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