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coming_outNo matter how long someone has been living “out,” it seems that there are always speed bumps along the road of life. Many of these speed bumps in my life come in the form of bumping into people that I have not seen or heard from in years… sometimes decades!comingout_3

All over again the anxiety rises, the risk presents itself, the closet threatens to enclose.

A decision presents itself.

Is this person important enough in the scope of my life to risk the “rejection” by coming out all over again to? Or were they just a passing acquaintance that I would be better off to simply “drive on over” at 15 mph?

I faced that question again this week. I chose a little of both. To the person I really had a meaningful friendship with, I authentically and unapologetically “came out” to (and it went very well!). To a few other folks who really were not much more than proverbial speed bumps in my life… I just smiled and drove on by.

comingout_2So, this life… this thing of “becoming who I am”… of being willing to be fully me… is a lifelong journey. Clearly different for each one of us. But I am willing to face the bumps along the road when they arise and enjoy the scenery as much as possible in the meantime. What have your coming out or “pride” experiences been like?

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