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As I head off for another busy day of work, CNN awakened me with another senseless story of loss of life – the tragedy in the Lafayette movie theater. 

 Again I wonder, how can we as a society get a handle on these types of cruel and needless shootings? 

More: (http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/01/01/police-shootings-deaths-michael-brown-eric-garner-editorials-debates/21169119/)

  Aurora, Newtown, Charlotte, Tucson, Chattanooga… just to remember so very few of the many shooting tragedies.

Just last night I was wondering why the recent death of Sandra Bland and the apparent police brutality against her for a simple traffic violation was _not_ met with protests and posters demanding justice and peace (as some the most recent tragic deaths as a result of contact with police have been)?  

 Three days in jail? Suicide? Homicide? This was yet another Black American who was mistreated by police … ending in loss of life. 

Yes, Black lives matter!  

 Yes. _All_ lives matter. 

So, how do citizens choose _which_ cities will “burn” for the injustices, and which cities will rather instead simmer in quiet riot? And most of us are shaking our heads wondering… will we see the next situation boil over in America?

Further I continue to wonder… Why has their been more vitriol and outrage over the death of “Cecil the Lion” than any of the humans involved in the above tragedies? Boiling point? I’m at it.


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