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Ah yes, another amazing journey with this week’s Bachelorette installment. Starting with the 16 remaining dudes, Jillian embarks on some more odd dates. One fella had to slide down a wire off one of the tallest buildings in LA.

jillian_dudesThen there was a group date with nearly a dozen of the guys. What did all these men do with Jillian? Well, they went to an old west movie set and “acted” out a cheesy script. Who in their right mind thought that up? It was more like a “goat rodeo”!

Our favorite foot fetish guy, Tyler P., was bummed that he jillian_dudes_2had to be dressed up like “Fred Flintstone” (seen here looking at Jillian kissing that guy) during the western movie set date. But I think Jillian made it up to Tyler P. later during the cocktail party by allowing him extended time to fondle and fawn over her feet. (BTW, It was really jillian_dudes_3creepy the way he was describing eating her feet… but hey, he is memorable!).

The most annoying part of this season thus far is the David and Juan feud. Last night David looked about ready to pop a vein in his neck over anything Juan says, does… drinks, doesn’t drink. I was so hoping Jillian would not give David a rose last night–but then the drama would be over… and we jillian_dudes_4can’t have that now can we?

PS- I like this guy here with his hand on his chin… Jillian said he was her best kiss yet… ——————————>

There was a weird turn of events with Jillian’s date with Sasha. They actually got to drive around town in a Ferrari, and seemed to be having good conversation–good chemistry. Then all of a sudden Sasha said that he had never had his heart broken, and some conversation about a unicorn ensued. Well, then Sasha asks if he is going to get a rose. Jillian got up, grabbed the rose and then proceeded to tell Sasha he wasn’t getting it. Then for the first time in Bachelor/Bachelorette history… she sends him packing on a public bus. What? Was this just to really let him know that he was dumped ghetto style? Everyone else has always left in a limo. Well, from Ferrari to public transit in one night… not a banner experience I imagine. Makes me think of this songjillian_dudes_5

So, back to David and Juan (pictured at right). WTF? Chill out David!

Oh, and as an aside, I am not even going to give much time to Wes, the mediocre country singer wannabe who keeps trying to peddle his song he “wrote for Jillian.”

Until next week… may the bloom remain on your rose and may the rose be thornless.


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