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We are living life at the speed of crazy around here! There has been so much going on, that in years past I would have been blogging about. But because if this person, and this person, and this person I have greatly scaled back blogging on anything having to do with my family, in addition I “password protected” many posts. However, there are no guarantees with “password protected” posts. Partly because I made the mistake (back when I first needed to “lock down” this blog) of giving a few people that I did not “know” the password. The majority of people who read my blog regularly received the password as soon as all of this happened back in December. But, there were a few who gave me “names” and “emails” who I had never seen read or comment on my blog who asked for the key. And at first I gave that out to a few “unknown” people. But anyone can make up an alias and create a free email account. So I have still been cautious even in the “protected” posts I have written. Having said all of that, I have to share some of the recent insanity. And we shall see if any of those 3 individuals who have trolled my blog are among the “strangers” who got the “key” under an alias. Because they will not be able to HELP themselves but to comment on, print out and mail, or bring up on a phone call — this post. Where do I begin. I have no clue. So much has been happening since the first of the year. Let me start by saying that we are parents who believe in boundaries. We are not “friends” — we are parents. We are not trying to win a popularity contest — we are trying to guide young people safely out of the nest and into adulthood. So much drama with this particular teen’s other joint co-parent who decided they did not want one of their two teens to come out and visit this summer — because they are difficult. (This would definitely shake a troll out of the woodwork if they got the key to this blog under an assumed name). Yes, that teen can be difficult. But that person is still the teen’s biological parent! Then the sibling of that teen spent a long hour in tears on the phone begging their parent to bring that teen out as well this summer and “work things out.” Again, at the speed of crazy, a couple days after that incident — that parent has been threatening “legal action” if the teen (that they told NOT to come out) is not on a plane and coming out this summer. Well, words have meaning — and that teen has decided not to go where they were requested not to go in the first place. Now on to yesterday. So much has happened with one of the teens under our care this year that we have had to more clearly and firmly re-establish boundaries. We have not been at all popular for that. We have locked windows, blocked unmonitored exits, and instituted random “rated-G text message” checks for the cell phones — to name a few. Yesterday was just such a day for one of the cell text spot checks. For the most part the texts were fairly “rated-G.” We are aware that the end of the school year is coming up. We also sense an increasing irritability and urgency within one of the teens to find ways to spend as much time as they can with their suitor. There have been hints at some requests that are going to be made. This alone tells alone us that it is going to be something outside of the boundaries that we would easily be able to say “yes” to. If it were a simple request within the boundaries, the teen would have just come out at asked! Back to the texts. One of the texts within the last few days stated that the suitor in waiting was going to “kill” the parents if we did not say “yes” and allow our teen to do whatever was being planned. Red flag! We talked with one of the suitor’s parents, when we mentioned the “kill” text, that parent noted that behavior had been strange enough with their teen on that end that they had previously taken the young person aside and actually said to them: “you know, this isn’t like a Lifetime movie, you can’t just go kill them and run off with [the teen-love-interest from our home].” Who actually has to SAY that to their teen? Are you for REAL??! This is just crazy. We are taking many actions necessary here to ensure our safety, as well as the virtue of the teens we are raising to adulthood. But seriously, that is some crazy sh*t!

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SO… my faithful bloggy friends… over the last couple days you may have discovered that my blog was on “members only” status. Many of you already knew the reasons why. Although the story may seem complex, it came down to this…

My life is way too valuable to me for the important details of my life to simply become the open (uninvited) fodder for voyeuristic vitriol. What am I talking about?

Well, a seemingly random individual decided to troll my blog and leave an unfounded and toxic comment–under the “Target2” moniker. The commenter contradicted themselves by stating the following — and then turning right around and doing this (she has never met me): “When you malign and judge people without ever meeting them or truly knowing what they are going through, how is that being ‘real’. To me that IS hateful.”

(I know exactly “how” “Target2” found my blog because the WordPress Dashboard Stats showed me specifically what led her to my blog… the stranger question would be “why?”.)

Once I discovered who this person really was, I temporarily made my blog “members only.” That individual (although she was purposely previously blocked on my facebook) sent me a message via facebook and said that my changing this blog to “members only” indicated that I was a “coward.” Weird. That is completely non-sequitur. At any rate, because this anomaly took place, I took time to protect this valuable space that I have shared so much about my life within.

I will be sending many of you an email with the pass-code to access any and all of the posts from my blog over the last couple years. My life is way too good and valuable to me to allow toxic individuals to rent space in it.

OK friends. Send me an email if you did not already receive one to obtain the “key” for traveling the Bridges Blog.

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