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There seems to be a formula in life that looks something like this: “the louder a person decries the behavior of another, the greater the chances are that there are skeletons in their closet.” When a person uses their energies to demagogue the immorality and inferiority of other people’s lives, it seems that it will eventually be inevitable that their own cracks in their armor will be glaringly brought to light.

We all have cracks in our armor. We all have skeletons in our closets. And yet, most of us at one point or another have probably felt compelled to shine the spotlight on someone else’s dark corner of the room. There is a reason someone said “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” I am disappointed to say I have flipped on the proverbial flood light or picked up stones during my life so far. Those are never our finest moments, so why do we all do it? There could be many reasons. But one could be that it is much easier to tear another down than to do the work to elevate our own thoughts and behaviors. We are all so fragile in many ways… riding the waves of our own cognitive dissonance–without being enveloped by the pull of the undertow.

Reminds me of a song…

“Step away
Keep your distance
I can’t be what you want me to be
But right now there are things inside I don’t want you to see
So take your personal spotlight
Shine it on someone else for a while
I can’t force a happy face or makeshift you a smile
I can’t deny what I see, what I feel or what’s in front of me
So take your world of precious moments of make-believe
They never made me believe in anything
But left me with nothing to hold on to
Your quick fix and magic tricks can only disguise what I was going through
And now I’m thinkin’ it was when it wasn’t
And now I’m tryin’ to rationalize what just doesn’t
Come together and somehow doesn’t make sense
But God, how can I convince them when I’m not even convinced?

Everyone is thinkin’ it, but nobody’s sayin’ it
Everyone’s sayin’ it, but nobody’s feeling it
Everyone’s feeling it, but nobody’s seein’ it
So how am I supposed to know what’s real?

False sense of happiness
My security wrapped up in this
These control freaks seek out who they can brainwash and make activists
They’d rather have me lie than bring my failure to the light
Keep your secrets to yourself
It’s not about you but them lookin’ right
No time to be ugly
Don’t trouble them with your doubt and fears
Shout for joy little boys and girls
You brokenness ain’t welcome here
Well excuse me while I bleed through and my life becomes see-through
Don’t ask for transparency but reject what you see into.”

by John Reuben

(brokenness spoken here…)

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