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Yesterday I posted on the strange coincidence surrounding the changes in the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” reality TV show as well as perfectly timed proposed changes by Jon Gosselin to the judge to requests a delay of Jon and Kate’s divorce.

See, I am good at math! Because today someone else is calling this spade a spade: “It’s not about love–it’s about money”… read on:



Maybe it is cynical, but something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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jon_n_kateOK. I’ve admitted before that one of my guilty pleasures is Reality TV. One of the shows that sucked me in to some degree is Jon and Kate Plus 8 (although I did just remove it from my DVR because I got tired of the arguing).

I’ve blogged previously about the 8 things (vote in a poll at that link too) that I believe worked to unravel Jon and Kate’s marriage.

Today I saw a headline on AOL news that stated that Jon is now seeking to stall the divorce minimizedfrom Kate by 90 days. The reason?

“I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated … I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.” He’s filed paperwork looking to stall the divorce for 90 days “to regain control over the future of our family.” In other news, TLC has announced that ‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’ will now be titled ‘Kate Plus Eight,’ and Jon’s role will be minimized. (source)

Who knows the real reason for his desire to stall at this point (parental or pecuniary). I could only hope for the sake of their 8 children that they would be able to regain some sense of control and calm over how they will guide those 8 little ones toward adulthood. However, I find this pretty weird coming on the heels of the Primetime interview jon_gf(“Family Secrets”) I saw with Jon Gosselin telling the interviewer that he was in love with his new girlfriend (loved her more than he loved Kate) and “despised” Kate.

“I can’t sit on the sofa with that woman. I can’t sit on someone right now that I despise.” (source)

He also said in that interview that he believed “our relationship will never be fixed.” Obviously,jon_head no one truly knows what is going on between Jon and Kate except Jon and Kate. No one can know completely what happened when the cameras were off between these two. And we can’t really know why Jon is now apologizing and stalling… hmm. Time will tell.

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Don’t they always? What do they want to know now? Who are they anyway?ed_tricked

Anyone who followed the most recent season of The Bachelorette probably remembers Jillian’s proclamation right before Ed came out to the proposal podium (after turning down 2 proposals–1 from Kiptyn, and 1 from Reid).

  1. Are Ed & Jillian still together?
  2. Are they staying together for the sake of money?
  3. Did Ed really cheat on Jillian with those two women?
  4. Does anyone care what Wes has to say about Jillian & Ed?
  5. Did you know Reid also has an opinion about Ed & Jillian?
  6. Did you make it through the entire 5 mins. & 14 secs. of the YouTube tribute to Ed & Jillian falling in love?
  7. Did Ed ever pass Jillian’s hot dog test?

jillian_ellenWho knows! I know that when I saw the 9/10/09 Ellen episode with Ed and Jillian as guests all I heard was a cleverly crafted verbal hot potato game on Ed’s part. Ellen would ask a question of the couple, and Ed would juggle it around like a hot potato. Jillian hardly spoke. Answers from Ed like “Jillian knew when I came on the show I was a bachelor in every sense of the word.” And “we’ve had our ups and downs, and I have told her what I need to tell her.” Interpretation: “I was still screwing around with those other 2 women up until Jillian actually picked me and I had to settle down. I told her all about it—once the tabloids got a hold of my deceptions.”

Time will tell… jill_ed_dump

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I have to admit that I had never even heard of Jon and Kate before the summer’s tabloid frenzy over Jon and Kate and their 8 children. Thanks to the magic of a DVR and summer reruns I have become acquainted with Jon and Kate plus 8 over the last couple months.

I was curious how such a unique family started, survived so much together… and yet were now unraveling in front of millions.

How did Jon and Kate get from this


… to this?


Probably much the way any other couple would (or maybe with a little help from all these wtf_jonanonymous women in the pool… but I digress…)

I am not Dr. Phil, or Dr. Ruth, or Dr. Joyce Brothers. I’m simply one person who has loved and lost–been married and divorced, been in a traditional union and a not-so-traditional union.

Here are 8 things that I believe can unravel even the strongest union (in no particular order):

  1. Nitpicking- that is different than having an honest disagreement. Nitpicking really wears on a love.control
  2. Controlling- Attempts to control one’s lover are counterproductive. Not only will controlling behavior erode love, but  it is futile. We can really only control ourselves (or at least try).
  3. Neglect- whether forgetting to remember all the little things that helped you both fall in love in the first place, or worse–neglect damages love.
  4. Contempt- you can see contempt by the faces one might make at another, or tone of voice used with one another, or even in body language between two people.
  5. Criticism- especially in front of other people or the children.
  6. Ignoring- whether it is ignoring a request to take out the trash, or a request to simply be heard or receive love.heartonmend
  7. Infidelity or even indifference. Whether one person is actually seeking out another person intimately, or one partner has basically physically or emotionally “checked out” of the love… it kills the intimacy–which is an important glue in love.
  8. Defensiveness- no one is perfect, clearly there will be conflict in any relationship. How conflicts are handled can either build bridges of closeness or burn them.

lovecardsLasting love takes a lot more than luck.


9/23/09 UPDATE: on Jon & Kate and their debacle.

What side would you choose?

Here’s the AOL poll…


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