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Well, who’d a thunk it? Jake and Vienna broke up.

Yesterday was just another summer Tuesday… until news broke all over the interwebs reporting the “nasty” break up of the most recent Bachelor and his controversial pick for fiancée. Jake is saying only that “Sometimes love just isn’t enough in a relationship.”

Of course there are always plenty of rumors swirling about “who cheated on who,” or whether or not they ever actually kissed off camera (per Vienna’s step-mom). The reality of reality TV show love is that, in fact, many people consider the end of this “fairy tale romance” another one of those break-ups that is no surprise.

I wonder if Ali (who left Jake for her job) will have any better luck in this season’s offering of The Bachelorette.

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I have often been bewildered by the search terms that have led people to this blog. Some have been down right weird, others have just left me scratching my head. Here is the most recent search term anomaly dominating the stats on this blog currently:

Wow! I didn’t think this fella really made that much of an impression on America. Was it his milquetoast portrayal of the most recent season of The Bachelor? Was it is lackluster stroll on to, and quickly off of, Dancing with the Stars?

Who knows! But this is the first search term cluster that knocked the most sought after woman on the web off of the top searches list… and that was a top search that lasted for years!

Never let it be said that this blog didn’t deliver to readers what they were searching for… 😉 HA!! Not necessarily my cup ‘o tea… but hey, I can go without tea today. 😀

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