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the_thornOK. I thought I was finished posting about this round of The Bachelor. As crazy as it sounds, there was really was an After the Final Rose Part 2 (just when you thought it was safe to return to ABC). Of course, I came this far with the “amazing journey” and just had to see what part 2 had to offer. 😉

Thankfully Melissa was not there. Enough public pain already. They did bring in a handful of this season’s cast off women to weigh in on Jason’s decision. The girls were split in their opinions of Jason’s actions. There is some news circulating around the web containing emails melissa_jasonsupposedly between Jason and Melissa after the taping of the 1st After the Final Rose. Click on this pic. for source if you want to read some and determine for yourself what you think about the content.

Many of you watched the show, so I don’t really need to re-cap the blow-by-blow. What was interesting to me was the contradictory nature of some of Jason’s comments while he and Molly were sitting together being interviewed about their relationship by Chris Harrison.

jason_mollyWhat is it that Jason finds most important in his new relationship with Molly?

Is it the chemistry (which he said went south with Melissa)?
Was it the passion?
Was it how Molly is with his son Ty?

No! It is the fact that she is his “best friend.” Hmm… does that sound familiar to anyone else? I thought so. It is because that is the very reason Jason gave for letting Jillian go. He re-stated the “best friends” factor at least 3 times when questioned by Chris Harrison. I don’t find anything surprising anymore when it comes to Jason and his ability to flip-flop his way toward “love.”

jason_jillianSpeaking of Jillian:  the best friend searching, hot dog testing, hot tub cavorting Canadian is going to be the next Bachelorette. I think most of us saw that one coming. She did tell Chris that her goal for her next shot at finding love on TV was for her father to not have to see her in a hot tub again. We will see about that! 🙂

You know, all through this season (and frankly during Jason’s last TV appearance on The Bachelorette) I have often commented to my honey how odd it seems that the show went out of its way to characterize Jason as a “single dad”–with zero mention of Ty’s mom or her possible involvement in Ty’s life. Clearly someone has to be taking care of Ty while dad is gone for weeks at a time “looking for love.” Who is Ty’s mom? Jason’s ex-wife jasons_ex_2Hilary Mesnick (now Hilary Madison Wynn?). Evidently she lives in Seattle. And as I suspected is more involved in Ty’s life than The Bachelor’s characterizations would lead the public to believe (per this snippet, click on pic. for source).

I guess one can tell if their show has hit the “big time” when conspiracy theories begin to circulate. Believe it or not (or whether you even cared to know or not) there are conspiracy theories surrounding Season 13 of The Bachelor. I’ll let you go check it out here (or here) if you are even the slightest bit interested. 😉

If you couldn’t care less? We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging. 😉


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