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Anyone in the LGBTQ community can and will sincerely appreciate this video!

I am grateful, and I am hopeful that America will move ever closer to total inclusion for all of it’s citizens regardless of race, color of the skin, country of origin, spiritual beliefs …

…or sexual orientation.

Thank you Hillary for standing with LGBT families!

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You can find limitless information on the Internet regarding what various conservative organizations and individuals think would happen to our society if Gay Marriage were to become legalized in America. Today, let’s shed a humorous light on the subject! Here are a couple clever and funny graphics. šŸ˜€


This just in!

A New Threat to the Sanctity of Marriage

This second one I saw at Anita’s blog, and then found that it may have originated here while I was actually looking something else up on Google. šŸ™‚

song chart memes
more charts

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