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OY! I am still following The Bachelorette. And if you saw last night’s episode you had a front row seat to one man’s E.D. — yes, poor Ed! There is so much more that happened during the two hour episode of The Bachelorette in beautiful Maui. But obviously this ed_shortsepisode will be the one that goes down in history as “the one where Ed couldn’t get it up.” Or at least that is the salacious story line that the show is encouraging us to believe (maybe those “Magnum PI” shorts were too tight!).

I can’t even imagine how an average person (who is not a porn star) could “perform” with all the lights and cameras right there in the room. I mean, usually… on those “fantasy suite dates” don’t they finally get to be alone? I feel for the guy! (Although I did engage in sharing little E.D. jokes via Twitter last night.)

Chris Harrison recapped the E.D. debacle well on his blog:

“Jillian decided to take Ed back to the fantasy suite and this is where the wheels came off of what was otherwise a perfect day. Jillian and Ed both put so much pressure on themselves and so wanted that moment to be perfect that it was a disaster.”

corny_jillianSo, what’s a girl to do when it’s rose ceremony time? (Except sitting in the sand drawing hearts…)

Jillian told Chris she was falling in love with each of the three men for different reasons.

Let’s recap:kyptin

  1. Kiptyn: his looks.
  2. Reid: his sense of humor.
  3. And Ed: for being the only one who is actually saying he loves her and would propose.

In fact, Reid was sent packing last night primarily because all reid_this_muchhe could express to Jillian (each of the three times she point blank asked him) was “I like you this much”– with arms outstretched. Really Reid?

Here are a few excellent links for a full recap of last night’s episode:

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