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Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.23.11 AMIt has been so long since we have made the time to attend Pride festivities. We used to love to attend the festivals and parades in Portland. But since we have lived near Philly, life has just been so busy that when June rolls around (my favorite month) we just have not made it to the City of Brotherly Love to enjoy the Pride season.

What is Pride all about in your community? What does Pride month mean to you? What has been your favorite part about the festivities? Mine used to be simply walking in public with my partner hand-in-hand with no one staring at us like we were some sort of societal pariah.

Years ago, before FB and G+ and other social media, in the blog world this season was also an opportunity to share one’s “coming out” story. Here’s a couple links to posts that I shared way back then. What is your coming out story? What does LGBTQ mean to you?



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Ah! It’s good to be back “home” online… to feel free (safe) again – to write, report equality news, express, vent and connect with the online community.

Thanks to the guardian!

I was sidelined by trolls (one, two and three) at WordPress in 2010 & tried to blog occasionally from Blogger, hoping to avoid trolls. By 2012 my blogging expressions had eventually slowed to a halt.

There are guardians everywhere around us… let us tune our spirits to “see,” and purpose in our souls to be the same protectors to the vulnerable amongst us all.

For example, there are a world of transgender teens all around us who have been marginalized, rejected, threatened, misunderstood. With the newest news coverage of Caitlyn Jenner and the very public transition journey from born a male Olympian, to becoming a very public re-born female trailblazer.

Transgender teens hope Jenner inspires acceptance.

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Each of us can carry the torch and blaze a trail safe enough for all transgender teens to be able to safely arrive at their destination.

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