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OK. Now simmer down out there! It’s not like that! SHEESH! 😉 Is that retro poster at the left from the first season of The Bachelorette? HA!! 😀

What I am referring to is that–without fail–whenever there is a girl on The Bachelor who finally confesses to the man who is choosing “his future wife” that season that she is “saving herself for marriage” invariably the dude says “I respect that” and then plants a wet one on the girl. However, what is also an expected outcome is that at the next rose ceremony she will be sent home! That is why I call it the virgin sacrifice. Sure enough, last night:

“Jake’s next one on one is with Corrie. The two go on a special date in San Francisco’s Golden State Park. Surrounded by aquariums full of exotic sea life, Corrie tells Jake that she is a virgin and plans on waiting until marriage. Jake is okay with that and seals it with their first kiss.”

But alas, it continually appears that the virgin confessions (on The Bachelor) are in fact the kiss of death! Jake does a pretty good job of looking sad when he sends the ladies packing. Oh well! The show is not exactly rocket science!  It’s just a “guilty pleasure.”

Speaking of kisses… on to much better thoughts about kisses. ♥ Here is one of my all time favorite songs about one of the most wonderful things about living… passionate kisses! ♥

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Passionate Kisses

“Do I want too much
Am I going overboard to want that touch
I shout it out to the night
“Give me what I deserve, ’cause it’s my right”
Shouldn’t I have this (shouldn’t I)
Shouldn’t I have all of this, and

Passionate kisses…”

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wes_DBOr… the alternate title could be: “Something stinks in Spain” (where Jillian took several fellas in pursuit of a rose from her). Either way, I am thrilled to report Bachelorette fans that Jillian FINALLY sent Wes packin’ last night!

If you don’t follow The Bachelorette, this pic. at left will pretty much describe for everyone who Wes was. He was a snake who was captured many times on the show telling the guys he was not there for Jillian, but for “publicity” for his no-talent-run-of-the-mill voice. Thankfully, the producers only ever let him get one line of a song out of his mouth before they covered over the top of it with Jillian speaking. Then in most recent episodes the rumors that Wes “had a girlfriend” became too prevalent to ignore. Last week Jake (who hadn’t received a rose the week before) returned to tell Jillian and confront Wes. If you click here you can read a recap of the Spain dates.

Here’s a choice quote on the Wes “exorcism”:

“There’s not even a need for a pre-rose ceremony chat — Jillian knows who’s getting the (cowboy) boot. And thank God, because at this point Wes has gone completely off the rails: ”If it’s me [who’s sent home],” he tells the assembled bachelors, ”know that I will be back home having lots of sex.” Don’t forget to fill your Valtrex prescription first, hayseed! (Reid and Kip, to their credit, look totally disgusted.) When it comes time for the final rose, Wes looks positively giddy — his escape route back home to Austin and Laurel is in his sights. When Kipper gets the last rose, I’m so thrilled, I don’t even care that Team Bachelorette completely duped us into thinking that one bachelor had ”trouble” in the Fantasy Suite. What does a little deception matter when the country-fried douche bag is gone?”

So who is left after the big trip to Spain for Jillian to choose from as potential fiances? You can read here for some more info. on the remaining three men.

There is Kiptyn: (What is he looking for on the side of the road there with his shirt off, belt undone and trunk open? Hmm… what do you think Steven?) 😉




and Ed (who left the show a few weeks ago for his job, but returned because he missed Jillian).


Who do you think Jillian will pick? Are any of these three remaining guys REALLY that into Jillian? What do you make of Jillian not taking advantage of the “fantasy suite” cards (except for Ed…)? And finally, do you think she will actually find lasting love with one of these men?

I must admit. I really missed Chris Harrison at the rose ceremony appearing to say “Jillian, gentlemen… it’s the final rose tonight.” 🙂

Here’s a funny spoof video on Jillian’s keen man choosing skills. 😀

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