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Last night was the salacious “The Bachelor- the women tell all.” It is always a fun hour or so of TV to heckle. They really dig to bring up as many tears and controversies as possible from the current season.

One of my favorite moments was when Chris Harrison brought Rozlyn out to the “hot seat” to ask her about her “inappropriate relationship with one of their staffers.” If last season’s villain was Wes, this season’s villain was Rozlyn. My favorite moment was when Chris was trying to get Rozlyn to fess up to her behind the scenes affair, and she was denying any “physical relationship” and answers his questions with a question “riddle me this Chris?” as part of her rebuttal. Really? Anyway, several of the other women in the house offered their varying accounts of Rozlyn and the “staffer” that each saw engaging in “inappropriate” physical contact. Oops! Oh well!

Then we get on with Chris talking with the two most recent cast offs from the season. First, Ali. She made it to the final four and then pulled an “Ed” and left the show so she wouldn’t lost her job. Viewers know that from last week’s episode that Ali asked Jake to come back to the show, but Jake said no. Then there was Gia. She was in the final three and on the fantasy dates. Evidently Jake let her go because she was not able to open up enough to him. I know we were perplexed last week as to why Jake kept Vienna and sent Gia packing. But then again, we have learned that we almost always pick different people than the Bachelor/Bachelorette choose.

Then we get the build up to next week’s finale. Who will Jake choose? Tenley, or Vienna?

Next week Jake will have one final date with each girl. And it appears that each girl will get to meet Jake’s family.

As is usually the formula, each woman will also have one last date with the shirtless Bachelor to convince him that she is the woman for him. Which woman will convince Jake that she is the one and only for him? I have stopped guessing at this point. I am never right about who the last woman/man standing will be! 😉

Then of course, there is the vague sort of grim picture they are already painting about the finale. Chris says “next week we hopefully find out which woman Jake will choose.”

If you have been watching the teaser previews for the “final rose ceremony”– the moment when supposedly The Bachelor asks one of the women to marry him– you may be getting the sense that no one will leave next week’s finale happy. It sure looks like all parties involved are in a pile of tears!

Who will Jake choose? Will he choose anyone? Chris asked Jake last night about his decision stating “I know you can’t tell us too much… but are you happy?” Usually they ask something like “are you in love?” or “did you find love?” But not last night. With sort of a grimace on his face (the one we have all come to recognize this season) Jake states “yes, I am happy.” Does he look happy here? Nope! We shall see what happens March 1st on “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!” (Seems to me I have heard that one somewhere before.) Damn, you think that 3 people falling in love in a beautiful paradise would have happier looks on their faces! 🙂

And the final query of the night…

What was up with Chris Harrison swapping back and forth between vest and no vest? How long are they taping that hour long “tell all” fest?

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OK. Now simmer down out there! It’s not like that! SHEESH! 😉 Is that retro poster at the left from the first season of The Bachelorette? HA!! 😀

What I am referring to is that–without fail–whenever there is a girl on The Bachelor who finally confesses to the man who is choosing “his future wife” that season that she is “saving herself for marriage” invariably the dude says “I respect that” and then plants a wet one on the girl. However, what is also an expected outcome is that at the next rose ceremony she will be sent home! That is why I call it the virgin sacrifice. Sure enough, last night:

“Jake’s next one on one is with Corrie. The two go on a special date in San Francisco’s Golden State Park. Surrounded by aquariums full of exotic sea life, Corrie tells Jake that she is a virgin and plans on waiting until marriage. Jake is okay with that and seals it with their first kiss.”

But alas, it continually appears that the virgin confessions (on The Bachelor) are in fact the kiss of death! Jake does a pretty good job of looking sad when he sends the ladies packing. Oh well! The show is not exactly rocket science!  It’s just a “guilty pleasure.”

Speaking of kisses… on to much better thoughts about kisses. ♥ Here is one of my all time favorite songs about one of the most wonderful things about living… passionate kisses! ♥

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Passionate Kisses

“Do I want too much
Am I going overboard to want that touch
I shout it out to the night
“Give me what I deserve, ’cause it’s my right”
Shouldn’t I have this (shouldn’t I)
Shouldn’t I have all of this, and

Passionate kisses…”

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Happy Monday my friends!

When love comes your way, embrace it.

When hurt comes your way, erase it.

When joy comes your way, revel in it!

When the boss comes your way— hide your cell phone! 😉

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Seems like the heavier my heart is the less I say… the less I even breathe. And yet, I think tonight it may help to find some words to express what has been going on in my world.

Members of my family are currently grieving a huge loss. One of the last really good men on the planet. A man who took responsibility for himself, his own actions, his ex-wife’s welfare (until the day she died). His three children, his beloved 2nd wife’s 3 children. Their many grandchildren combined.

This was a man who was a 10 year veteran of the USAF, instructing on the T33 and T38. He flew the F4 Phantom on over 100 reconnaissance missions over Vietnam, earning a Silver Star, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 11 Air Medals and a Purple Heart. He was a pilot for a commercial airline for over 30 years. Most importantly, he was husband to my sweet partner’s amazing Mom for the last 25 years.

They were an adorable couple! It was within the last couple years that they were visiting our home, and we found some 20 year old pictures of them dancing at a family member’s wedding. I commented that they looked like they were so in love. Jack took the picture and said “Were? We still ARE in love!” ♥ That kind of love is so rare in our world today. ♥

There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family… as long as it was within his power. About 3 years ago, something happened that was beyond his power to fix. He was diagnosed with 2 kinds of Leukemia. ALL and AML Leukemia. He started receiving various treatments and was given up to 2.5 to 3 years expectancy.

This November (2009) was near the end of that expectancy window. He had a close call in the hospital and my family went down to see him (I am usually the one here at home holding down the fort and taking care of the pets… as well as the kids when the get flown back home after a couple days). I’m the behind the scenes support person. Thankfully my partner is extremely good at frequently articulating her gratitude and acknowledgment that she could not be doing what she needs to do without me at home taking care of everything else.

This last week my partner got word from her Mom that things were declining quickly. She then traveled to help her Mom through the last few days of Jack’s life. Those last few days of life are in no way shape or form easy. Leaving this mortal coil is not at all peaceful. I always wondered when people would say “well at least they went peacefully.” I don’t think that is hardly ever the case. Jack decided around Thanksgiving after that last trip to the hospital to come home — since there was nothing else the Doctors or hospital could do for him. He wanted to have some sort of control over how and where he would spend his final hours.

In the end? No control. All you can hope and pray and plan is that you have been a person of such love, integrity, care and humility so that you have been able to surround yourself with the kind of people who will not only care for you right up until the very end… but will lovingly protect your dignity right up until that last moment… the last breath.

Someone I respect once told me that when we are hoping to help someone in need, or someone who is grieving a loss — that is most important is being… not doing. My partner is so very good at that with her family. She has been invaluable throughout these last three years in her ability to just BE there for her Mom. While we all miss her at home this week… we also know that Jack was so special a man that we would gladly do without her while she lovingly and respectfully helped her Mom take care of Jack during his final restless and relentless hours on this planet. She has the gift of being… and I have the privilege of being a part of her family.

We will all miss you Jack!

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