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“On the surface not a ripple
Undercurrent wages war.
Quiet in the sanctuary
Sin is crouching at my door.
How can I be so prone to wander?
So prone to leave You?
So prone to die?
And how can You be so full of mercy?
You race to meet me and
bring be back to life.
I wake to find my soul in fragments,
Given to a thousand loves.
But only One will have no rival…
Hangs to heal me, spills His blood.
Curse-reversing Day of Jesus,
When You finally seize my soul…

Freedom from myself will be
The sweetest rest I’ve ever known.”
(Chris Rice)

I have yet to find the above song online, I have it on CD in my car presently. I hope to be able to post it… for it is simply beautiful!

Until then, below is an equally moving song, along the similar theme…

“He has formed me from the dust and to dust I shall return. He has made me in His light and to light I shall return. And I’ll be free at last… to lay it all down… and the sun will never rise again, for He will be my light. My heart will never, never, never break His heart again.” (2nd Chapter of Acts)

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OK. Now simmer down out there! It’s not like that! SHEESH! 😉 Is that retro poster at the left from the first season of The Bachelorette? HA!! 😀

What I am referring to is that–without fail–whenever there is a girl on The Bachelor who finally confesses to the man who is choosing “his future wife” that season that she is “saving herself for marriage” invariably the dude says “I respect that” and then plants a wet one on the girl. However, what is also an expected outcome is that at the next rose ceremony she will be sent home! That is why I call it the virgin sacrifice. Sure enough, last night:

“Jake’s next one on one is with Corrie. The two go on a special date in San Francisco’s Golden State Park. Surrounded by aquariums full of exotic sea life, Corrie tells Jake that she is a virgin and plans on waiting until marriage. Jake is okay with that and seals it with their first kiss.”

But alas, it continually appears that the virgin confessions (on The Bachelor) are in fact the kiss of death! Jake does a pretty good job of looking sad when he sends the ladies packing. Oh well! The show is not exactly rocket science!  It’s just a “guilty pleasure.”

Speaking of kisses… on to much better thoughts about kisses. ♥ Here is one of my all time favorite songs about one of the most wonderful things about living… passionate kisses! ♥

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Passionate Kisses

“Do I want too much
Am I going overboard to want that touch
I shout it out to the night
“Give me what I deserve, ’cause it’s my right”
Shouldn’t I have this (shouldn’t I)
Shouldn’t I have all of this, and

Passionate kisses…”

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In a world of ever changing times and so much uncertainty…

there is one bit of wisdom I can offer you all today…


OK… off to breakfast! 🙂

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It is so much fun to see what various search terms lead folks to my blog! I love this one among the many statistical features on WordPress.

Here is the latest statistical oddity. sharpie_teeth

Really??!! Who IS this person?

You might remember the post I did on how a Sharpie might help a person attain whiter teeth…

Perhaps someone actually tried that method to get that much coveted brighter, whiter smile.

Who knows! But, this is probably what their poor toothbrush looked like after trying to get the Sharpie off their teeth…wornoutbrush1

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