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  I grew up in a very Christian conservative upbringing. Believe me, I am still Jesus freak and have no issue with that – but religion is an issue. I grew up one half hour south of San Francisco. Therefore whenever we had an earthquake the powers that be at the church would say “God is judging the gays.” Isn’t that ridiculous?
Looking back over the 3+ decades since I felt the pull to work in my vocation, I can see in hindsight that unless I had endured/survived/learned/been buried under or overcome all I have been through in my life to this point – I would not have the understanding/compassion/knowledge/skills or empathy to work with the wide range of #Gay, #lesbian, #transgender, #pansexual, #bisexual adults, teens and children that I have been assigned through my clinical career.

So I’m very thankful that I get the opportunity to be a voice of comfort and empathy to the clients. But maybe even more importantly – the voice of reason and education to their parents, friends, teachers, peers and family members!

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