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Way _off_ TARGET!

SIGH… first… let me share this image… IMG_3615 For more than a dozen years, all that the other bio parent of my step-children (and the 2nd paramour- “target2”) could “say bad about me” was: “she’s fat.” As this image illustrates. So what? I have since lost 1/2 my body weight, and that is immaterial. What is far more salient is that the person(s) maligning me for that “fat issue” were (are) definitely many of the definitions of the plethora of various words _after_ the “worse than” in the above image. So, the beat goes on and on and on and on. And so continues the pain, damage and lies. So, the worst thing to “target” a person for in America is their size? I say no. I believe it is their character and pattern of abusive and malicious behaviors.

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