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Life is a mystery. Both a beautiful one at times, and a disenchanting one at other times.

Since the beginning of 2010 life here has been mostly disappointing and disenchanting. I’ll recap some of it by pointing to this post.

The rest? Well, the youngest teen in our home was sent to spend half the summer with their other biologic parent (at our expense for the 3rd summer in a row) and the sibling of that teen was left behind here… because that out-of-town parent told that teen not to come out. This is the 1st time the two siblings have ever spent more than a day or 2 apart. The teen away from home visiting the out-of-town parent has been treated to a full court press — a veritable full-time red-carpet campaign to be convinced to go live with that parent. Without the older sibling there, the younger is pretty much a “sitting duck” for the manipulation there.

We shall see, near the end of next week, if that young person actually gets on the plane and returns home as scheduled (and ticketed) or if a whole new drama begins in the lives of the two siblings.

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