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In my life and in my line of work I have seen so much, heard so much… been told about so many things. The hardest things to see, hear or be confided in about are the many forms of abuse that are inflicted on children in this world.

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse (which hurts worse and leaves scars longer than physical abuse). It is everywhere. In our communities, on the TV, on the radio, on the Internet mail news splash pages… it seems inescapable!  The hardest place to find such situations happening is right before one’s eyes.

Why? Why do adults hurt children in so many ways? Why do they take out their sexual aberrancy, their suppressed rage, their homicidal tendencies, their fractured psyches… all on children? Do they know what they are doing? To they see the tears? Do they hear the pleas for cessation of the madness?

I don’t have any of those answers. But I do know that young people: you “shouldn’t have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh”… or your psyche.

One of my favorite professors once said the following regarding young people who must cope with, and survive, abusive childhoods:

“If that child has at least one person in their life whose face lights up when they walk in a room… they are going to be alright.”

May we all have that face in our world that lights up when we walk in the room–because we are all wounded children on some level. And also, because of that, may we all BE that shining face that lights up when young people in our world walk in the room.

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