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This is not a political piece per se. In that I am not going to even go into what I do, or do not, think about the health care reform debate in America.

What I cannot believe is what I have been seeing on the news recently–especially since the health care reform bill was signed into law by the President. We are seeing sanctioned, recommended, threatened, carried-out, backlash in the form of vandalism by “conservative” people against  individuals who supported health care reform.

Bricks thrown through Democratic office buildings all over the country, death threats left on answering machines, individuals encouraging US citizens to “take up arms” and be ready to point them at the hearts of the “tyrants.” What the hell is going on in America? Can’t civilized human beings have differences of opinion without taking up arms and using them to throw bricks, pull triggers, or even detonate devices? “Don’t retreat, reload” a delightful quote by the former half-governor of Alaska.

Wasn’t America supposed to be the shining light to the world of what individuals could do/be if they actually leaned toward the better angels of their nature?

Just say no to hate…


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