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Protected: Bridge Out…

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Last night was the salacious “The Bachelor- the women tell all.” It is always a fun hour or so of TV to heckle. They really dig to bring up as many tears and controversies as possible from the current season.

One of my favorite moments was when Chris Harrison brought Rozlyn out to the “hot seat” to ask her about her “inappropriate relationship with one of their staffers.” If last season’s villain was Wes, this season’s villain was Rozlyn. My favorite moment was when Chris was trying to get Rozlyn to fess up to her behind the scenes affair, and she was denying any “physical relationship” and answers his questions with a question “riddle me this Chris?” as part of her rebuttal. Really? Anyway, several of the other women in the house offered their varying accounts of Rozlyn and the “staffer” that each saw engaging in “inappropriate” physical contact. Oops! Oh well!

Then we get on with Chris talking with the two most recent cast offs from the season. First, Ali. She made it to the final four and then pulled an “Ed” and left the show so she wouldn’t lost her job. Viewers know that from last week’s episode that Ali asked Jake to come back to the show, but Jake said no. Then there was Gia. She was in the final three and on the fantasy dates. Evidently Jake let her go because she was not able to open up enough to him. I know we were perplexed last week as to why Jake kept Vienna and sent Gia packing. But then again, we have learned that we almost always pick different people than the Bachelor/Bachelorette choose.

Then we get the build up to next week’s finale. Who will Jake choose? Tenley, or Vienna?

Next week Jake will have one final date with each girl. And it appears that each girl will get to meet Jake’s family.

As is usually the formula, each woman will also have one last date with the shirtless Bachelor to convince him that she is the woman for him. Which woman will convince Jake that she is the one and only for him? I have stopped guessing at this point. I am never right about who the last woman/man standing will be! 😉

Then of course, there is the vague sort of grim picture they are already painting about the finale. Chris says “next week we hopefully find out which woman Jake will choose.”

If you have been watching the teaser previews for the “final rose ceremony”– the moment when supposedly The Bachelor asks one of the women to marry him– you may be getting the sense that no one will leave next week’s finale happy. It sure looks like all parties involved are in a pile of tears!

Who will Jake choose? Will he choose anyone? Chris asked Jake last night about his decision stating “I know you can’t tell us too much… but are you happy?” Usually they ask something like “are you in love?” or “did you find love?” But not last night. With sort of a grimace on his face (the one we have all come to recognize this season) Jake states “yes, I am happy.” Does he look happy here? Nope! We shall see what happens March 1st on “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!” (Seems to me I have heard that one somewhere before.) Damn, you think that 3 people falling in love in a beautiful paradise would have happier looks on their faces! 🙂

And the final query of the night…

What was up with Chris Harrison swapping back and forth between vest and no vest? How long are they taping that hour long “tell all” fest?


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My Mom used to say: “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” I am pretty sure my brothers and I were thinking that we had no interest in flies either way! As I got older I obviously understood what my Mom was trying to convey.

The vinegar way could be restated as: how to lose friends and alienate people. Or, how to lose good workers and alienate the one’s who may have to stay. Or, how to lose privileges and alienate parents. Conversely the honey way may look something like: “how to get more productivity out of your employees” or “how to get what you want out of your parents.”

The below thoughts can apply to the work place as well as the home. How can you get more loyalty and productivity out of your employees? How can you get more of what you want out of your parents? It’s your lucky day, I am about to tell you!

Whether it is the work situation or the home front something is present that should not be there, and something is missing that needs to be there. In both cases the thing that should not be there is the sense of entitlement. Again, in both cases the thing that should be there that is missing is respect.

In the workplace: increased entitlement equals decreased productivity. Decreased respect equals decreased morale. Both of those can lead to apathy and a high turn over rate. When an employer feels entitled to exact their “pound of flesh” from their employees and treats them more than minions than the most valuable asset their company has — the end result is much less productivity. On the other hand, in an environment where people feel that they are more valuable than how sharp their nose is at the old grindstone, loyalty and productivity increase.

In the home: increased entitlement equals decreased connectivity. Decreased respect equals increased friction and decreased privileges. Any of you who are parents think of it this way. The more children treat you like maids, cooks, chauffeurs — likely the less you would be motivated to facilitate their demands.

What is the remedy in both situations? Gratitude! Gratitude is the opposite of entitlement. Gratitude is the opposite of complacency. Gratitude greases the wheels of requests. Gratitude can determine altitude. Or once again, more simply stated: “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” See Mom? I was listening!

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Groovy! Kelly left me a comment letting me know:

Your blog has been nominated in the Best Lesbian Personal Blog category for a Lezzy Award. The Lezzy Awards are an all lesbian blog award hosted by The Lesbian Lifestyle Blog.

Pretty cool.

My blog is nominated. What do I do next?: First off congratulations! Now you’ll want to promote more nominations to try and make it to the top 3 nominated blogs in your category.

Here are the rules for the voting:

How do the nominations work: The nomination system will allow you to nominate 1 blog per category. You will be able to nominate your favorite blogs once every 24 hours. You will nominate the blogs of your choice by adding the URL, not the title/name of the blog to the nomination field. Nominations will last from February 15-22 at 12:00 am EDT. The top 3 nominated blogs will then go on to the final voting round which will begin on February 22nd at 12:00 pm EDT.

How voting works: As with nominations you will be allowed 1 vote per category within a 24 hour period. This is being tracked by email accounts so that more than one person can vote from the same computer/IP address. Voting will go from February 22 at 12:00 am EDT to March 2 at 12:00 am EDT. Votes will be tallied and the winners of all 11 categories will be announced on Wednesday March 3rd live on The Lesbian Lounge Podcast.

Why are these the 2009 Lezzy Awards and not the 2010 Lezzy Awards?: The awards are handed out at the beginning of each new year for the previous years activities. Thus the awards given out in 2010 are for a blogs performance in 2009.

If you have any questions or have any concerns with the nomination or voting system please contact TLL’s Managing Editor.

Note: My blog has been nominated in the “Personal” category.

Make sure to click the link in the nomination email you will receive in order for your nominations to count.

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Or “Love is a battlefield.” Those are the two titles that come to mind after watching last night’s installment of The Bachelor. Jake and the final three women headed off to Saint Lucia. I kept saying I’ll have to Google where that is. So I did this morning, and here it is. I have to tell ya, looking out my window this morning the wanderlust is kicking in for sure! We have not finished digging out of the 3 feet of snow we got blasted with last week — and today the snow is coming down again. How lovely it would be to dream off to a place like Saint Lucia!

Back to reality. And back to “reality” TV.

Jake, Gia, Tenly and Vienna all seemed to enjoy the gorgeous Saint Lucia. Each of the one-on-one dates were very different as far as daytime activities. The three women are very different. And Jake got to show a very different side of himself on all three dates. But as usual the evening activities included the exact same verbiage as always on the “fantasy suite card.” (Come on Chris, shake it up a little… use your words, find multiple ways to invite people to the whoopie suite!) 😉

I am such a “girl” and a romantic because when I see all those rose petals scattered around the suite and all those candles lit I exhale an “aw!” And my lady by contrast is rolling her eyes. What can I say! I love all that romantic crap!

Anyway, I have to tell you that abc is pretty clever with their commercial cliffhanger grabber teasers. At one point they tease that Ali is going to call Jake and say she “made the wrong decision” choosing her job over Jake (Doy!). The teaser shows us Jake on the phone saying “get on the next plane to here as fast as you can.” Of course when it plays out in the episode we see Jake saying “it’s not like I can say get on the next plane… I have fallen in love with three other women.”

Now, two weeks ago they show a clip of Jake looking happy at the final rose ceremony with a voice-over “I have found my wife” or something like that. But last night? They craft an upcoming preview of Jake at the final ceremony looking sad, crying over a banister (like Jason did), making both women cry with a voice-over of something like “I just don’t know if it is fair to pick one when I am in love with two.” {sigh}. Not because he is in love with two women at the same time, because I have learned not to heckle or judge those poor saps for being in love with more than one person at a time. But because after all of this, it seems like a calculated let-down to bring people to the end of an “amazing journey” (well worn Bachelor/Bachelorette catch phrase) only to say “well, guess I won’t pick anyone.” I guess we shall see how that final episode plays out in the end.

As for last night, Jake chose to let Gia go home. I was surprised! I had thought the final two would be Gia and Tenley. But nope… he sent the sweet insecure swimsuit model packing.

So the two women who remain are indeed Tenley and Vienna. And anyone who is watching this season of The Bachelor will know why I titled this post “Lady and the Tramp.”

Who will Jake pick? Will he pick anyone? Will he throw his sobbing self over the banister this time? I guess those who tune in will find out on March 1st.

☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ The below is for my blog buddy Kevin! 😉 ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼

(Click on the image to take you to a page where you can see much more of Jake.)

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