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SO… my faithful bloggy friends… over the last couple days you may have discovered that my blog was on “members only” status. Many of you already knew the reasons why. Although the story may seem complex, it came down to this…

My life is way too valuable to me for the important details of my life to simply become the open (uninvited) fodder for voyeuristic vitriol. What am I talking about?

Well, a seemingly random individual decided to troll my blog and leave an unfounded and toxic comment–under the “Target2” moniker. The commenter contradicted themselves by stating the following — and then turning right around and doing this (she has never met me): “When you malign and judge people without ever meeting them or truly knowing what they are going through, how is that being ‘real’. To me that IS hateful.”

(I know exactly “how” “Target2” found my blog because the WordPress Dashboard Stats showed me specifically what led her to my blog… the stranger question would be “why?”.)

Once I discovered who this person really was, I temporarily made my blog “members only.” That individual (although she was purposely previously blocked on my facebook) sent me a message via facebook and said that my changing this blog to “members only” indicated that I was a “coward.” Weird. That is completely non-sequitur. At any rate, because this anomaly took place, I took time to protect this valuable space that I have shared so much about my life within.

I will be sending many of you an email with the pass-code to access any and all of the posts from my blog over the last couple years. My life is way too good and valuable to me to allow toxic individuals to rent space in it.

OK friends. Send me an email if you did not already receive one to obtain the “key” for traveling the Bridges Blog.

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