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It’s that time again! Near the end of another “season” of The Bachelorette–which meanjills_dudess last night was “The Men Tell All.” I don’t know if anything the men had to tell last night was worth hearing, but I tell ya one thing… those boys were PMSing about “the man code” so much I strongly recommend a bottle of Midol for just about each and every one of them!

wes_doucheI expected Wes to be absent. You remember Wes, right? The guy at the left there. Yeh, we are continuing the “feminine” theme here! 😉reid_this_much

Oddly enough though, Reid was absent as well. The only explanation was “he had plans.” Who doesn’t?

I think the show is trying to suck us all in again… like the previous “Jason” season. (Remember, they played up Deanna returning only to have it be of very little significance). You remember Reid don’t you?  He was the bachelor on the IEP plan for dating! 😀

Anyway, there was not much to take away from this which_dudeepisode. We all know it is stretching material until the finally next week.

Who will Jillian pick? Ed? Kiptyn? Or will the return of (and absence of him at T.M.T.A.) Reid mean anything?

We’ll find out some of those answers next week. And guess what? Chris Harrison believes that this will be “the MOST dramatic finale ever!” 😉

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