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I think I have been spoiled… living in Oregon for the last several years. In 2004 we had same sex marriage for a year–then some set backs. But Basic Rights Oregon and the OR. Governor fought tirelessly until Domestic Partnerships (offering all the rights “marriage” offers at the State level) became law in 2008.

keystone_equalityWhen I found out I was going to be moving to Pennsylvania I began to research online about what form of relationship recognition PA. had for same-sex couples. I was dismayed! Not only was The Keystone State not following in the footsteps of so many of it’s East Coast counterparts offering same-sex marriage–but PA. goes in the opposite direction… banning same-sex marriage with it’s own State level DOMA. I was truly disheartened. The only “silver lining” for our little family in PA. is that my wife’s job offers excellent Domestic Partner benefits.

I wonder why The Keystone State is so far removed from the progressive equality of some of not_an_xtian_valuethe other East Coast states? I wonder even more why PA. has a senator that openly states that he is “allowing gays to exist”? I wonder what will have to take place in this largest of the original 13 colonies (4 of which already provide same-sex marriage) for equality to sweep over this state?

Here are some of the LGBT resources I did find for Pennsylvania. If you know of any others out there, let me know.

Step up for Equality Pennsylvania!


 Marriage & Relationship Recognition

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