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dump_dudes_1Last night’s installment of The Bachelorette was full of high drama! Or at least drama queens on testosterone! HA! The dates were the standard fare of adventures and clamoring for roses… so I will move on to the drama!

It was The Bachelorette meets A Few Good Men. At one dump_dudes_2point, someone said something like “you can’t handle the truth!” Really? What truth? Well, in the ever spinning drama of more than a dozen dudes ‘on their period’ fighting over Jillian… the newest bombshell was that allegedly at least one of the remaining men has a girlfriend back in real life. Jillian was not at all happy to hear this! She canceled the cocktail party near the end of the episode and called Chris Harrison in to “be the heavy” and see if any of the men would come clean. Of course, no one did! The popular assumption is that it is Wes who is the country singin’ cheatin’ heart on the show.

dump_davidThankfully Jillian sent both David (guy who wanted to beat up the other fella) and Juan (the guy who poured dump_juanout his shot of liquor) home this week! David was pretty pushy and foul mouthed… and then acted offended when Jillian didn’t allow him to kiss her. It’s not rocket science dude! Who knows, maybe those to fellas will hook up! šŸ˜€

jillian_pantsJillian ends the episode with an emotional proclamation, stating that “it doesn’t matter who’s wearing the pants–you can still get hurt.” This was preceded by the ubiquitous expression that “this is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.” I don’t buy that! After more than a dozen seasons of this show… we pretty much all get how “hard” it is. Plus, if you have already been on the show… you should be fully cognizant of how hard it is going to be!jillian_hotdog

No more hot dog tests have been given yet. Oh, maybe that happens on the “overnight dates.” šŸ˜‰ (And the fundies are worried that it is gay individuals who are besmirching the sanctity of marriage).

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