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Brian Williams asked President Obama in his interview on NBC tonight “Inside the White House”: “do gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry in this country have a friend in the White House?”

If I hear President Obama (or any other politician) answer the question regarding whether they support same sex marriage for gays and lesbians with: “I have consistently supported scorecard_obama_Fcivil unions–making sure they have the ability to visit each other in the hospital…” and then the cop out “I don’t think it makes sense for the Federal Government to get into the business of determining what marriage is…” I am going to blow the little top right off the lid of my good old fashioned pressure cooker!

I am sorry… that is just not enough. That is just not acting courageously or with integrity. I.M.H.O., that is a big old “F” on Obama’s LGBT score card!

One the one hand President Obama skates on the thin ice of skirting the above LGBT issues, while on the other hand declaring June 2009 as LGBT Pride month.

Can he have it both ways? Can that be enough for the LGBT community? It’s not enough for me. I want more than a visit to the hospital!

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In a world of ever changing times and so much uncertainty…

there is one bit of wisdom I can offer you all today…


OK… off to breakfast! 🙂

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