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In just a little more than an hour… I can hear it… can you? It’s coming!

What is that my friends?? Well… here’s one clue. Here’s a second clue. How about a third clue? Still need a fourth clue?


I wonder how many of the 25 men she will give the “hot dog test” to? Hmm…


UPDATE! 8:33pm-PST: ABC reveals that Jillian will have 30 not 25 hot dogs–I mean men–to choose from on her first night!


What else do I hear? The strange sound of my stats rolling backwards. But wait… WordPress is on it…

Your blog stats – please read. Sorry for the problems but it will be worth it.

  1. Our engineers are rolling out some new stats systems over the next week or so.

    If your stats fluctuated it was due to their testing the new system. Your data is safe and getting safer! As a consolation for the inconvenience, there will be a very hot new stats feature available very soon.

Hmm… has WordPress been using the “hot dog” test in the stats lab? šŸ˜‰

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It is an absolutely beautiful day in my little neck of the woods in Oregon today!

I was out in my yard this morning, and this shot is just a little window to my world.


Have a wonderful day all!

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