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sharpieJust when you thought you had thought of just about anything and everything you could use your Sharpie marker for… I found one more use today via a web ad! Oh joy!

What could this be? Well, it appears thatsay_what_teeth this person in this pic. is taking a different approach to whitening teeth… just color on your face a little with a Sharpie and then your teeth may automatically appear “whiter”! (Scary!) Missing Teeth

And in other “who cares news”: Wheel of Fortune just aired its 5,000th show! Whooptie Do Basil! Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter

I personally am not a Wheel Watcher. Probably because throughout my high school years, at dinner time, my father had Wheel on the TV near the dinner table. And we would get in trouble if our talking interrupted the beloved show. LOL! Crazy much? Crazy

Have a great weekend!

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coming_outNo matter how long someone has been living “out,” it seems that there are always speed bumps along the road of life. Many of these speed bumps in my life come in the form of bumping into people that I have not seen or heard from in years… sometimes decades!comingout_3

All over again the anxiety rises, the risk presents itself, the closet threatens to enclose.

A decision presents itself.

Is this person important enough in the scope of my life to risk the “rejection” by coming out all over again to? Or were they just a passing acquaintance that I would be better off to simply “drive on over” at 15 mph?

I faced that question again this week. I chose a little of both. To the person I really had a meaningful friendship with, I authentically and unapologetically “came out” to (and it went very well!). To a few other folks who really were not much more than proverbial speed bumps in my life… I just smiled and drove on by.

comingout_2So, this life… this thing of “becoming who I am”… of being willing to be fully me… is a lifelong journey. Clearly different for each one of us. But I am willing to face the bumps along the road when they arise and enjoy the scenery as much as possible in the meantime. What have your coming out or “pride” experiences been like?

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bitchespart2Ah yes! Last night was the installment of the wenches women tell all for season 13 of the Bachelor. For plain old heckle value this episode did not disappoint!

These two in this pic. were a couple of the choicest wenches women for stirring the pot.laterjill

Again, the crown favorite was Jillian. Everyone except Jason seemed to see the amazing connection the two of them had, and everyone was equally as incredulous that Jason focused on her comment about a couple needing to be bjillian_jasonest friends and not seeing the passion that was clearly evident on camera. If that is not passion, I don’t know what is! How is he going to explain to his son that what he was doing in the hot tub is something people do with their best friends?

And does anyone really believe that Jason only went to “first base” with any of the women he had overnight dates with??

shebackShe’s BAAACCCKKK! DeAnna will finally made her much publicized visit shesback_2to the Bachelor next week in New Zealand.

What in the world could she have to say? Will Jason give a crap care about what she has to say?

mistake_2What was her “mistake”? Will she explain why she is wearing that hideous outfit?

Who knows! All I have to say is: dontjump

Don’t jump Jason! They are not worth it!

Chris Harrison has us waiting for the finale with “nothing could of prepared us for what happened next.” Well… until next week!!!

Remember to vote HERE for who you think Jason will pick.

…I have a full day ahead of me so I will leave the nuts and bolts of the recap of last night’s Bachelor adventure to this blogger. Funny stuff! Definitely worth the read whether you are a Bachelor fan or not! 🙂

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