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A.K.A.–“he’s just not that into you!”dramatic_rose

I’ve already shared with you all one of my guilty pleasures, and that was watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Last night’s weepy booze fest inspired the following (YES, I am talking about the show!) 😉

Some top ways to know you ain’t gonna get a rose:

  • When you pensively lean in hoping for a kiss, he leans back and says to you “you’re a great person.”
  • When you do lean in for the kiss, he pulls tissue off your lip gloss instead (ouch!)
  • When you tell him that you “better get a rose or you will be pissed” he is clinching his jaw and flaring his nostrils. Yeh, demanding a rose is not the best way to warm the cockles of his heart.
  • When you tell him that all you want is to “go home with him and be a mother to his 3 yr. old son,” you are gone! This guys has been single for 3 years! He is not looking for a nanny–he is looking for roll in the hay!
  • When you spend your one-on-one time with him telling him what bitches the other women are? Um yeh, like he can’t see through that.
  • When you tell him your only other relationship of about a decade just ended a year ago and you really haven’t dated since then… you might as well take your leave at that point.
  • When you constantly tell him that you “didn’t know it was going to be this hard to see him kissing other women”? WAAAH!! You knew you were coming on a show with 24 other women to compete for one guy. Suck it up. Oh yeh… and, pack yer shit ‘n git. LOL! 😀

bachelor_hatonBTW, Has anyone else noticed how much this bachelor likes to run proposal_dumparound without his shirt off?

Oh, and Deanna hasn’t even showed her face again yet. Can you believe they are bringing her back? Can you believe she is actually going to show her face on the show or to Jason after dumping him while he was on one knee professing his love to her?

Oh yeh, and some of these girls were so hideous that Jason would not give out all of his roses last night!

Until next the thorn is off the rose…

Also, I know after my “live-blogging” of The L Word 601 you all were waiting with baited breath for what happened next. 😉 But,  just could not bring myself to recap the 2nd episode of season 6 of The L Word–even more drama and weirdness than The Bachelor! So, I will direct you here for a recap of The L Word 602 (if you care, that is). 😀

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