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OK, I know, “who cares” right? (Evidently, a lot of people… as this is one of the most frequent searches that continually leads folks to this blog…) And the latest season of the L Word is over now, right?

However, I had a little question as I watched Season 5 of the L Word. I didn’t happen to run across anyone else asking or answering that question during my VERY limited travels through episode recaps on Lesbian Life on About.com. Anyway, I stumbled on the answer today while watching an “On Demand” feature (Showtime) about the L Word.

My question: was the woman who played the character “Molly” the real-life daughter of the woman who played “Phyllis”?

Answer? Yes! “Molly” was played by Clementine Ford, Cybill Shepherd’s daughter. There, so my tiny burning question was answered. 😉

PS-OK…. on with Season 6:

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